Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quilts for Students

So here are this year's quilts. We actually got 6 of them done and had numerous problems with #7 due to the batting. We're just learning this long-arm quilting thing, so we'll eventually get it right. My BFF Kelly just got her new long-arm this spring. We thought quilting these students' quilts would be the best thing to learn on and they probably wouldn't notice or complain about them too much. :-) So here they are.
We try to match the quilts to the kids or at least what we think they would like. The majority of these quilts were all pulled from stash. Kelly's and mine. The red, white and blue quilt was one that I actually started years ago, so it was good to finish it. Yeah!!!! The students all loved them. Most of them are just floored and don't realize that we made them just for them. We hope these quilts help them realize they are someone special and that even when times are bad making the good choice is always the best way even when it's the hard choice. 
Please take my poll on the right hand side. I'm trying to determine which way to take this blog. I'll be having a lot more time on my hands this next year as I graduated the last child. The years just fly by. 
Happy summer,
{{HUGS}} Amanda


KATHY said...

What great quilts!! There all so beautiful.What a great job you do....Kathy

Sandra said...

What wonderful quilts...I am sure the students will love them...what a great keepsake for them.