Thursday, September 29, 2011

Honestly I'm still alive. I've not been abducted by aliens or gnomes or anyone else. Work has been chaotic and hectic. Leaving me so tired when I get home that I have no energy or inclination to do any kind of project. Then I've had a horrible flair up of tendinitis in my right shoulder. I'm right handed and I can barely brush my hair or get dressed. I hate being incapacitated. And here I am whining. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten the blog world. Actually I'm spending way too much time on Etsy and Pinterest.
Hugs, Amanda

Monday, September 12, 2011

Road Trip

So seems like all I do lately is work. No fun. We're really short handed so we all pitch in as we're able. So I haven't been getting any projects around the house done.
Enough whining. Recently my two best friends and I went up the road to Good Goods. I had read about it from another blogger, Secret Garden Cottage, who lives here in the valley also. Was the second trip in just a few months. Went for my birthday back in July. I'll share a "few" pictures of this gorgeous place. I could move right in and only have to bring my clothes. I don't think the gentleman who owns it thought I was serious. Go figure. Enjoy some great eye candy. 
Goofy daughter and niece pictures.
Yep, that's an indoor outhouse. 
These were taken with my cell phone, so they're not the best. I keep forgetting my big camera. I guess I'm so excited to be going that I just hop right into the car. 
Good Goods is this fabulous place on quite a few acres located in Farmersville, CA. Don't remember how many acres the gentleman told me he had, but he has brought several buildings to his property from the surrounding area. Its a little history lesson just being there. He has the barn, a school house (seen in the background in the 2nd picture), water tank house, a little cottage, and of course the house. Sigh... I could stay there all day. Also went to Hobby Lobby. Love this place and though a bit of a drive its closer than any other. Hope you enjoyed the trip to Good Goods. 
Hugs, Amanda