Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Amazing Weekend

I had an amazing time this past weekend. Of course Friday was only a half day at work, which means I'm out earlier in the day even thought I still work my 3.5 hours. It also meant that spring break had begun. I have a lot I want to accomplish this week. More than I'll probably get done. Isn't that how it always goes?
So I wanted to tell you about my weekend. Saturday started off with the Vintage market at Into the Forest. I got  a few small, cute items that I will share in a later post. I didn't have a booth this time, but wandered around helping where needed and taking pictures. There were lots of neat things and so much I would have taken home but I'm at that point where if I take something home I have to get rid of something. So most of it stayed here for other people to buy. This bed was amazing.

This picture was taken really early in the morning. As everyone was setting up.

I also got pictures of the tea room garden. The sun was just perfect having barely risen in the sky.

Then friends and I went to Clovis for their outdoor antique sell. We had a blast walking all over old downtown Clovis. Once again I got a few small things but nothing large. Mostly just trying to decorate a few small areas here and there. I'll share those when I got those vignette areas done.

Well I'm off to complete those projects. I hope everyone has a great week.

HUGS, Amanda

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Projects

I'll be joining Twice Remembered for Week 18 of Make Your Monday. Won't you join too?
I have been busy lately. Trying to finish projects and getting ready for the upcoming Spring Vintage Market and driving down south to pick up a teenage daughter twice in the same week. I have been making these cuties, Easter Egg pockets for gifts for Easter. They're really easy. I saw one on the internet and jumped right into making them. Now I just wish I could find where I saw them to link you there for the pattern. I'll try to find it again soon. I'm going to put a chocolate rabbit and use them at everyone's place sitting for Easter dinner.

I've also been busy trying to finish projects in my kitchen. I mean it's only been 3 years since we began remodeling the kitchen. I mean why not drag this thing out forever.... Sheesh. Of course before there was mom to take care of and homeschooling the kids. Now there's just work (part time) and things around the house. You would think I would get more done. But my days just seem to disappear all the same. After three years I finally decided to just paint under the lone cabinet. I thought about putting bead board there and thought that I would do it when I finally did the west wall cabinet. But last week I went ahead and painted it. It took a half hour in the morning and about the same after work. It is a narrow space and it looks great now. So why didn't I just paint it sooner and have done with? Who knows... Anyway here are the before and after pictures of that little spot. I could probably blog for a whole month just on the kitchen. Seth and I hope to tackle the west wall cabinet bead board project next week on spring break.

Yep, just this little space. 

Now it's just pretty.

Also got a new island. My friend didn't need this lovely dresser anymore and I knew a spot that did. The carpenter is going to cut a new top for it and I'll probably paint it. So what color do you think it should be? My large spice cabinet will be coming down off that wall and finding a new home next week also. So the kitchen saga/journey continues. Will it ever be done? Tune in for further developments. 

I hope to tackle this area next. Finally paint the shelf, different brackets and add some kitchen type items. I've been looking. Already have one project in the works for this area. I'll post it soon.

I hope to work on the coffee bar as Tina calls it when I do the west wall bead board. I think I'll add bead board under here too. What do you think?

I also got these lovely prints for the front room/dining room. Aren't they just perfect? My friend at my favorite shop set them aside when they came in because she knew they would be perfect my house. Now isn't that sweet. Just love that gal. Have a great day. {{ HUGS }} Amanda  (sorry about the large gaps again) 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring pictures

I had not realized how long it's been since last I posted. I've really got no excuse. I did go one day last week and take some fabulous photos of the changes over at Into the Forest. Spring is finally here where I live. I had so much fun taking the photos. Vintage Market is coming up so I need to get busy with that. The day was so nice this weekend we got to finally work on the yard. The weeds are just horrible because of all the rain we've had. We should have a great crop of wild flowers though. 
I've got a catering event this weekend so I'll be busy with that this week. Hope everyone's week is great.