Friday, September 21, 2012

Pan roasted chicken with lemon-garlic green beans

So I'm a big Pinterest fan. Perhaps big isn't a large enough word for my infatuation with Pinterest. It's like my BFF on most days. I wish I had had Pinterest when I was homeschooling the kids. I'm a visual person so of course I'm in love with that site. Anyways. So I know most of us pin but what do we actually do with those pins? So I've been trying some of the recipes. Here's one I thought was really good. I'll post what I thought I would change at the end.
Here's the recipe from Real Simple. Here's their picture.
Pan-Roasted Chicken With Lemon-Garlic Green Beans
So here's how my version turned out.

I used my large cast iron skillet because it was oven proof. I probably wouldn't put the lemons on the bottom again. For me it made the potatoes and green beans too tart. I would marinate the chicken next time instead of just dipping it. Other than those 2 things it was great and very simple. So I hope you enjoy this recipe too.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A corner of the living room

I don't think anyone followed me over and because I don't want to delete this blog it comes up as my primary account and directs everyone to this blog. So I'll re-post the first post I did at the other blog.
So I'm finally feeling like getting around and doing something with this house that I'm not totally in love with. It does have its pluses but also a lot of minuses. The square footage doesn't bother me, just how they utilized that space. I don't think the kitchen area is all that it could be, but it's a rental so I've got to live with it. Besides that's a whole other post.
So here's a before photo that you've already seen of the same decorated corner.
And here's the same corner after. It's really hard to photograph this house because of all the light it lets in. And I'm not the best photographer.
The oak dresser is a family piece and I couldn't get rid of it. I'm using it for office supplies right now. The mirror on the dresser is also a family piece. When you downsize from 1,500 to 871, you really have to pick and choose which pieces you really want. I was determined to use pieces we already had. Which for the most part I did. The only new piece is the little nightstand that is doing duty as a storage piece. I want to paint the cedar chest and I've been pinning ideas in Pinterest (my BFF) of course. I've also fallen in love with a slip-covered sofa at Ikea. So that old green couch will go bye-bye. Oh new curtains or valances and paint that pine nightstand and this room will be done. I think. Here's to hoping for more doing. Amanda