Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's been a summer of waiting. Waiting to hear about whether or not I've been approved for surgery. Now waiting for the surgery. I just feel like you do knowing that the storm is coming, that build up of anticipation. I've got mixed feelings about the surgery, excited and scared.
I've been busy taking care of Neil's father, Pop. He has Alzheimer's Dementia. It has its good and bad days. I try to be patient and realize that he really can't help it. Really enjoyed a day long seminar lately, Caring for the Caregiver. Attended with my brother-in-law and his wife. I felt it was very informative and uplifting. I strongly urge that if you are caring for someone or know someone that is dealing with this. Go to the Alzheimer's website, here. They are so helpful. 
All the Kramer Fellows. L to R Neil, Brian, Seth, Erik, Eli and Dick (Pop), May, 2012
I've also been hanging out with the dogs. We've "adopted" the neighbor's dachshund, Pearl. Her and Trigger get along very well. I did plant a few flowers in containers and I've been attending to those. Haven't made it to the farmer's market this summer, unfortunately. Hope to before surgery so I can enjoy local, fresh fruit and veggies. I've also managed to do a little quilting, sewing and smoothie making. 
Quilt that Kelly and I did for Tina's Navy  Instructor
Pillowcases for our bed
Pearl and Trigger hanging out
Homemade smoothies
Well that about sums up our summer. Hope your's is going well also. Take care. Amanda

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flowers in Containers

So as you can tell it's been a long while since I was last on blogger. Quite a few changes. I almost wasn't sure that I could keep with what had happened. But I'm here. Haven't blogged because I guess I feel I don't have anything much to share. Things don't change much in a rental.
I'll share my flowers. I've been container gardening because 1. there are no garden beds here and 2. I can't get down on all fours and weed like I used to. Miss those flower beds of mine. But I'm making do with containers. The portulaca is doing well in this window box. We have a little patio and I've added a few containers out here and some in the front. Hope the weather is treating you kind wherever you are and you're having a great summer.