Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hutch Love'N

Or in my case hutches. Love me sum hutches. Both of mine are real special to me. One my son built and the other was built my husband's great-great uncle (I think). The poor thing sits abused and neglected on my patio. Hopefully awaiting a makeover some day. Only I'm not sure where I would put it. That's probably why I've never done anything with it. It's very awesome and huge and heavy.
So first one is the one that Seth made and it took him and his team to nationals in Las Vegas in 2007. Which you can read about here. I should mention that we won it in the raffle they held after the competition was over. I just felt so lucky that we won. I'll share a few photos that I have of it. First is decorated for fall, then just an everyday and the last is where it sat at the show.

The next is my old hutch. The hardware says patented February 7, 1871 on the back of it. So it's a really old piece of furniture. Before I acquired it, it sat in the basement at my husband's family's ranch house. So it's even been through a flood or two. Who knows what else. I'm not sure where it was before that. It's missing a few pieces, mostly molding. I still love it though. Fortunately this thing comes apart in two pieces or you'd never be able to move it. I've included a few photos of hardware. The pulls are just fabulous with their buckle and flower detail. The panes of glass at the top are original and have that old wavy glass look. As you can see it's very neglected. So what would you do with it, dear reader?

I'm hooking up with Treasures and Trinkets Thursday over at My Cottage Charm.
P.S. I do have all the original hardware tucked safely in the drawer. Some is salvageable and some is not.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shelf Completion ... Sigh....

Before Seth left home I told him there were a few things that he had to finish before leaving. Sniff...Sniff...
Remember this?
That's right my shelf. I said he had to get it done so that I could get that box out of the corner of the kitchen. So he was a good son and finished it. I painted it and then he installed it. I'm so happy.
So what do you think? I couldn't decide which photos were the best so I just included them all.
Have a great day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Empty Nest

Perhaps I should change my blog title now to the empty nest?? Nah I like Morning Glory Cottage. Well this past weekend we moved the kiddos up to Sacramento. Quite a few hours away. Our children are 2 years apart but both left home at the same time. So it's certainly quiet around here now. But I've been busy. Cleaning out things and going through the garage and storage shed. Also working on my office/hobby room. The dogs keep me company now.
I thought I would share a few photos of the few little things that I did before the move and one thrifty find for their apartment. Of course a moving day photo. Couldn't resist.

We've had this dresser for ages and it's been in the daughter's room, hiding in her closet. It really should have been painted during her room remodel but we ran out of time and besides it was out of sight, out of mind. Well it had to come out of the closet for the move. So I knew that I needed to get busy and paint it. So couple of coats of black paint and new knobs. Viola "newish" dresser. Good enough for a first apartment. Here's the before and after. Poor abused thing.

My great thrift find was to find these prints for $5.95 a piece. Yes!!! You heard me right... I was jumping up and down for joy when I asked the price. They weren't marked and when I asked it was all I could do not scream out loud and jump and down. But I remained calm and dignified but giggled happily all the way to the van. They're huge too. So very happy and the kiddos liked them too.

Hope your week is a happy week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Desk for the Office

Ok, I couldn't wait to show this off. I saw this done in a magazine, oh ages ago. Only they had taken the table apart at the center where the leaf goes in and then mounted it to the wall. I just had to do something a little different. I knew I wanted a long desk/table thing in the new office. So I've been hunting for a table high and low. Finally found it! And almost didn't get a before picture of it. Horrors!
and this is what I did with it. That's right cut that puppy in half or at least the team did. Don't you just love my messy garage?
Here's the team - the serious team that is.
Here's the crazy team and I'm not so sure I want them cutting my table now.
We put a long piece of wood onto the table to give us a straight guide. Like I did anything but supervise and take pictures. Then the guys cut it apart.
We added a cleat and Seth even countersunk the holes so the screws don't show.
Seth - the Surgeon. Darn blade on the Skil Saw wasn't long enough.
Once apart it was mounted here.
Yes a long table/desk to sew and scrapbook at.

Absolutely not! I will not show you the rest of this horribly messy room until it is done.
Well I'm off to do other things because this was not a priority but so badly needed to be done or at least I thought so. Before the carpenter left. I still need to sew some things and touch up paint a few things before we leave for Sacramento on Thursday morning. Have a great week everyone. I'll post pictures of the kids new apartment next week.

Cleaning House So to Speak

Okay. So I'm making some changes around here. Please be patient.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY Dish Second Season

So the DIY Dish is back for a second season. Kris and Kim have started their second season with a cute owl pin cushion. I know exactly who I will be making this for. They're also having a great Janome give away. So check out this site and have some fun.
Sorry If I seem to be doing hit and run blogging lately. I've been helping the kids get their stuff together for their first apartment. I'll be sure to get pictures next week after the move in.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have You Forgotten?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke