Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring at the cottage

Spring has been here in the valley for quite awhile. I don't think we ever had winter this year. But our move in January and then painting all the rooms has put me behind on spring decorating. A great friend came to my rescue last week and helped me get it unpacked and put up. So things are looking good. At least in the front room.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our New Cottage

I've really been enjoying making this new cottage home. I've almost completed all the painting. Then the fun part can begin -- decorating. Today I'll share a few photos of the outside. It's been a rental for several years so there's quite a bit to do to the yard. It's mostly just plain and boring. But I've been perusing Pinterest for ideas. So here's a few photos of the new place. The front has a cute little porch and an original lamppost. Originally every house had one with the address hanging below it. Most houses no longer have these. Ours currently doesn't function and it's pretty unstable hence the re-bar holding it up.
The backyard has a fenced off area that the previous tenants used as a dog run but I want to turn it into a raised bed garden area. That way the little hound doesn't dig up my garden. It's got a cute covered "deck" area. Someone bricked in all the flowerbeds but I think eventually I'll unbrick them. The doggies are happy here with the dog door and the yard. It's also got a swing. Great place for morning coffee. 
I hope you've enjoyed these first few pictures. Many more to come because I've repainted every room in the house.