Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Boy and His Power Tools

My oldest son, Seth, loves to work with wood. He's been taking classes for several years now. First at the charter school we attended and now at our local junior college. This past spring he took a class and I got the product of that class, a night stand. Unfortunately, like most wood lovers, he hates when I paint anything wooden unless it's plywood or something like that. I figure he'll probably be the receptor of these things he's created for me some day so I don't change them all that much without permission. :)
Lately he's been working on my shelf in the kitchen. He didn't like the product that's been up there so he's been trying to devise a way to do it differently. Of course we live in an older house so the walls aren't level or even or anything accommodating like that. So he's just been plugging along trying to figure it out on his own. My hubby doesn't do a lot of project type things like that (Seth gets that from my side) so he's not much help to Seth but Seth just plugs along until he gets his mind wrapped around it and gets it figured out. He's just about done but how about a sneak peek? I can't wait to get it painted and finished.
Here's the before shot. That middle bracket just always bugged Seth and I.

The driveway is the perfect place to work.
Level, measure, level -
Me    "Is it done yet?"
More measuring and more leveling -
Me    "I'm sure it'll be fine just like that."
Sigh, still waiting. As always


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
How sweet of your son to make you all of these wood projects. The shelf looks like it's coming along nicely! None of our walls are level or flat either. It drove us crazy when we were installing all of the wood trim. Can't wait to see it when it's done!
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs ~ Jo

Martha said...

What a great project and how much more special because your son made them.

Martha said...

Are you owned by a corgi as well? Aren't they special dogs?