Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Travels

It's been such an eventful summer and a tearful summer. Didn't get a whole lot done, but did travel quite a bit. Even got to mark a state off my map that I hadn't been to before. That's a good thing.
In June we traveled to Sacramento to see our kids graduate from their tech school. Was a very different graduation and that's enough said on that subject. Tina traveled to Wyoming with some friends and found a job there. That's been a little rough to except. That my baby girl is living in Wyoming now. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 
We went back up to Sacramento for a great time with the kids and their friends for the 4th of July. We also did our annual camping trip to San Simeon on the coast. It was wonderfully cool and was hard to come home to hot weather. Yuck! We did visit the elephant seals and played in the sand, sun and surf. So much fun.
The big kids all played ultimate frisbee, soccer and volleyball.
Afterwards we all gathered for yummy hamburgers and hot dogs with a whole bunch of fixin's. 
Camping trip - San Simeon
Beginning of August we packed up our daughter's little car and our van. We drove to Sacramento where we picked up her brother and headed for Wyoming with a stop over in Salt Lake City and a midnight tour of the downtown area because we got seriously lost. Our GPS did not like that city. A little embarrassing to show up on our friends doorstep at 2 a.m. but it is what it is. From there we went on to the little town in Wyoming where our daughter now lives. 
 Early morning view outside of Salt Lake City
 Mineral Springs
 Small Wyoming town
 Red Canyon in Wyoming
I believe this is an old rock quarry but it didn't say anything and it was my best guess.
Leaving Wyoming was hard. Hard to realize that our girl is old enough to live so far away from home. Our son has chosen to find a job in Sacramento and live there. So our closest child is 5 hours away. We are definitely empty nesters now. 
I did work on my sewing room and the yard a bit and I hope to spend a lot of time this fall working on projects around here. Hope your summer was great too. I can't wait to spend Friday evenings catching up on blog land. Take care. 
Hugs, Amanda 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I know, I know. I've seriously neglected the blog this summer. I've been too busy if there is such a thing. Lots to share when I get back from Wyoming.