Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Egg tutorial

Here is the pattern. Probably not the best way. But I'll continue working on improvements. Make sure the large egg measures 9 1/4" long by 7 1/16" wide. At the widest and longest points on the outside lines. The pocket should measure  4 3/16" long by 7 1/16" at widest and longest points. You'll have to copy and paste into a word document probably and mess with the size of the picture until you get it approximately the right size. I'll be working on a pdf and I'll post that when it's ready. You'll be able to e-mail me and I'll send you the file. 
So here are the directions. 
2 coordinating fabrics - scraps or fat quarters
1 piece of really thin quilter's batting or fusible fleece - Warm and Natural works great
1/4" seam allowance throughout.
Cut 2 of each piece of fabric - egg and pocket
Cut 1 egg batting
Sew pocket first - Wrong sides together along the top curve. Clip seams carefully and turn right side out. Press. Embellish however you like. Lace, rickrack, embroidery, yoyo flowers and buttons, stencil. Whatever. Your imagination is your only limits. Lace, rickrack should go all the way to the seam allowances on the sides.
After pocket is sewn pin to right side of 1 egg piece - match edges. 
Layer - batting, egg piece with pocket right side up, other egg piece right side down. Matching edges. Sew using 1/4"seam allowance - leaving an open to turn. 
Turn right sides out - Carefully turn right sides. Press carefully. Sew opening closed by hand. 
I hope you're able to use this. Feel free to ask me any questions. These were really easy. 
Mucho hugs to you all,

Spring is in the Air

Sing to the tune of Love is in the Air
Spring is in the air
everywhere I look around
Spring is in the air
every sight and every sound
and I don't know if I'm being foolish
I don't know if I'm being wise
But its something I must believe in...
Spring is in the air
in the whisper of the trees
and I don't know if I'm just dreaming
Don't know if I feel sane
But its something I must believe in...
Spring is in the air
in the rising of the sun
And I don't know if its an illusion
Don't know if I see true
But its something I must believe in...
Borrowed very heavily from John Paul Young. Thanks John Paul. Okay onto the real business of this post. Sorry I just couldn't resist.
Alrighty... I fluffed behind the sink. Because that's just who I am. A bad knee can not keep me down at least not forever. I also have a pattern that I'm working on for you all that you will like for Easter. Well at least I liked them last year when I made them. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my hand drawn pattern onto something that you can use for yourself. I'm going to share pictures of some that I've made. Then hopefully I'll post that really soon. The pattern that is.
So here's behind the sink. I brought in an old galvanized watering can I had and filled it with fake flowers. Sorry, they last a lot longer than the real. I added a lamp that shines so pretty in the corner at night. So for now I'm liking it.
Here's a photo of the eggs I did last year. Made more and their little bottoms need to be sewn closed. You could use these in so many ways. My kids are older so I just put some favorite Easter candy, gift cards and cash in mine last year for them. You could give them to co-workers with an Easter cookie and candy in them. You could use them on your table as place settings. (This is beginning to sound like Sam I am). Okay I'll post the pictures and I'm back to the drawing board on how to get the pattern posted for you too. If you know how to do this please leave me a comment telling me how. 
Sorry couldn't resist sharing a zillion no good pictures with you. Have an absolutely fantastic day, everyone.
Be sure to check back because I will figure this out. I'm tenacious that way. Remember Spring is in the air.....
Mucho Hugs to You All....
(my diabolic planned worked and you will be singing this song all day..... wahaaaa....)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laughter is Contagious - Erma How We Miss You

Disclaimer: Long Post - Not for those without some time to kill
I've loved reading Erma Bombeck since I was a kid. I've always thought she was funny, but I think she's even funnier now after having raised kids and being married. Now I've probably really dated myself and some of you might not even know or heard of Erma Bombeck, hence the little linky thing for you to get acquainted. I think she's pretty timeless for a lot of things, like husbands and kids and household things. Such as this quote "My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first one being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint." or this one "Never loan your car to anyone to whom you've given birth."
Everyone does a lot of linky parties which is fine. I love linky parties. It's what gets me through the days. Looking at all your houses and projects and the beautiful, creative things you do. So maybe a funny stories linky party? or Maybe you just browse this blog for a funny story. But who's saying I'm funny. I think I'm funny but the kids and hubby don't always think so. Perhaps you'll think I'm funny, perhaps you won't. But laughter is always the best medicine and it's said to be contagious. So a challenge, okay maybe two. Next Monday have a funny story ready to post. It can be short, it can be long, it can be past or present. Just a humorous story to get us through another day. #2 read something by Erma, just to get your writing juices flowing. Her "The Grass is Always Greener over the Septic Tank" is hilarious and can probably be found at your local library. Perhaps this isn't appropriate on a blog pretty much dedicated to decorating. But I always think humor is appropriate, but keep it clean. I have sensitive eyes. :o) 
So now I'll leave you with an Ode to Pottery Barn 
Of course I was thinking of this while perusing the catalog last night at midnight and feeling sorry for myself in general. 
Pottery Barn how I love you. If only I could afford you. Which I probably could if I gave up my mortage, my car, perhaps eating and definitely the hubby and 2 college kids. Okay perhaps not the hubby who does earn the majority of the income. I wouldn't cut off my nose to spite my face. Somebody has to pay for that stuff and it certainly won't be me on my itty, bitty salary. Do you think PB would look good in a tent at the KOA? Sigh... for now I'll have to content myself  with my dog-earred catalogs and knock off decor. Hmmmm..... anyone know what the lottery jackpot is at right now?
Mucho Hugs to you all~
Of course the credits:
Erma Bombeck photo - Wikipedia
Pottery Barn photo - Pottery Barn  (because of course that's not my living room in that gorgeous lake housey type photo)
Thank ya very much (courtesy of Elvis)
In case you're wondering about my visit to the specialist. I have early stage arthritis and a torn meniscus. That's a shocker. Okay sarcasm isn't nice. There's very little they can do for me. The meniscus will never heal and surgery would probably accelerate the arthritis. We certainly don't want to make the bone any more upset. They gave me a cortisone shot which is helping a lot this morning but not last night which is the reason I was up so late. They said no more high impact sports.... shoot there goes the Boston marathon and that whole catch-up game with the Lakers. Cause of course this svelte body is always doing those kinds of activities. Oh wait that's right you don't know I have a svelte body because I never post a picture of myself. Trust me the morning glories are prettier. Besides I could walk by you in your own home town and you wouldn't even know me. Keeps the paparazzi away ya know. Oh yeah and they said loose weight. Yeah like it just falls off now that you've told me that. Didn't work when the regular doctor told me that too. So this is a whole different post and I'm sorry I've rambled and vented.
Have a great and awesome day everyone. Amanda

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I got the results back from my MRI on my knee. I'm off to see a specialist. A little nervous about that. I haven't gotten anything done lately because it bothers me so bad. It's all I can do just to go to work and stand for awhile. I should search through some old photos, scan and blog about them. I didn't go digital until 2007. After I had started our blog. So we'll see what the specialist says. Well I guess I'll dig out those boxes now.
Hugs~ Amanda

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lindy over at Cottage Hill is giving away this amazing lamp that she did. So go check out her very talented work and read all her back posts because she's worth reading. You'll find her as amazing as I do. Everyone have a great weekend. I'll be resting up the knee and recovering from this awful cold. 
Hugs~ Amanda

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Project - Somewhat Completed

You remember this, right?
Well I finally, somewhat finished it. It isn't enough to have a bad knee right now, but I also have a bad cold. No fun. I did use bead board wallpaper for the back. It's not the best job, more of a learning job if you know what I mean. I figured I have to learn somewhere. It might as well be the back of this cabinet that most people will not see. I did learn a lot of what I did wrong. I have one more coat of paint for the doors and want to bead board wallpaper the inserts for those too. I painted the back blue.
Here is a before of this spot. I've wanted a cabinet for here forever. Okay so it's only been 11 years.
Here's the cabinet sans doors for now. 
Yes the paint is blue - just not the same blue as the walls. I don't have any of that blue left. 
Now readers I have a dilemma. As many of you know we take care of my father-in-law who is getting very forgetful as he gets older. We've had him tested for Alzheimer's which he does not have so I guess it's just age. After the kiddos moved out last fall we moved him from the guest house to the main house so we could keep an eye on him. He uses this main bathroom everyday. But he's not careful and a lot of my pretties are in here. I have thought of putting my coastal stuff from the guest house in here. I have little sentimental attachment to these pieces. Also I have a lot more stuff to put in the guest house if I went shabby chic or cottage out there. Besides I'm the one who sees it everyday - remember my sewing room is out there. The bathrooms are almost the same blue - so all my stuff would work out there. Would you switch if it were you?
Have a great week my friends. 
Hugs~ Amanda

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I want to share with you a project that Censtational Girl is doing. I'm going to inlcude the link so you can read all about it. It's such a great cause. If you feel lead to donate please do. Have a great week everyone.
Hugs~ Amanda

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So I guess I'm going to have to scrounge around in the old pictures for something to share for awhile. I've pulled a ligament in my knee. I guess I did it long enough ago that I've seriously compromised the little supporty thing between the two bones. Resting said knee. No fun here. Wahaaaaa........
Hope everyone else's week is going a lot better than mine.