Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Graduation Quilts

May is extremely busy for me. There's everything going on at work and then we always attend a Christian retreat at the beginning of May every year. Not complaining, just stating a fact. So I didn't get around to posting a whole lot this past month. But now it's summer break. I can't wait to get all the projects I've been putting off done.
Silly me thought I would start a project at the beginning of May. It's still waiting to be completed. That's what I'm working on now. Sneak peek.
What I really wanted to show you though was the quilts. Of course you can see last  years quilts here and the year before here. My quilter friend and I both choose 8th graders that have touched our heart and moved us in some way over the past school year. It helps that we both work at the same school. My friend Kelly keeps me motivated in the quilting department. Without her I probably wouldn't be quilting and I certainly wouldn't be tackling 6 quilts. That's what I did over Memorial Weekend. Sewed and quilted. Extreme quilting. We got it done and the students were so proud and amazed. We love doing this and we hope that it encourages them in their future endeavors to know that someone cared enough to make them something special. So here they are.

I think the most amazing part is that this year we actually had grass under the quilts. Thanks for visiting.
Hugs, Amanda