Friday, November 19, 2010

Easy Runner Tutorial

Ok bear with me. I've never done a tutorial on the blog before. You're gonna love this little sewing project. It's easy trust me.
1 yard focus fabric
1/2 yard coordinate for ends
1/4 yard contrast for bands

1. Prewash, press and trim selvages and ends of all fabrics.
2. Cut the 1/2 yard coordinate and 1/4 yard contrast band in half. You need 2 (9") strips and 2 (4.5") strips.
3. Fold the contrast fabric in half longwise, right side out. Press.
4. Open out your focus fabric to single thickness right side up. (* This is where you get to decide whether you want a short, wider runner or a longer, skinner runner. If you want it short make sure you choose the width of fabric as your end, you're fabric will fold selvage to selvage. Skinner you'll do a cross wise fold, your fabric will fold raw edge to raw edge. You'll have to remember which end you cut the selvage off of. Chalk or pin it if you have to so that you remember where you cut off the selvage.) Layer the focus fabric, contrast band with raw edge against the raw edge of focus fabric then place the coordinate right side down, single thickness. Sew using a 1/4" seam. Press - make sure your seam goes towards the main focus fabric. Repeat for other side.
5. Fold right sides together, creating a tube of fabric. Sew using a 1/4" seam. Make sure that  you leave an opening to turn right side out. * I like to reinforce my opening by doing a little back stitch on both sides. This keeps the seams from popping. You'll want that hole big enough to stick your hand in.

6. Now fold it so that the seam runs down the center and press that seam open. Make sure you carefully press where the opening is. You want that part to fold too.
7. Now so the ends closed. 1/4" seam, straight across.
8. Pull the fabric to the right side through that opening you made. Make sure your corners are correct and pointy. I used a special tool but anything long and sharp enough to get into the corner will work. Slip stitch that opening closed by hand. Voila! Easy, peasy runner. Press and place on display.
I did this runner in 30 minutes even with taking pictures and trying to figure out in my head what to say. I've already make 3 and have several more I want to do. I see this being a great Christmas gift for the gals at work. Gotta top that apron I made last year ya know.
So here's my finished projects. Let's see yours!
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Have a great weekend everyone!
Please let me know if these instructions are understandable. I've taught sewing, quilting, etc. before but never written down my instructions. I'll be very happy to change and edit these if necessary. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buffet Questions

So I need another project like cows need wings. But my buffet has been bothering me for sometime. I know it's from the 30's simply from its design. Very art deco. The price was right so I've lived with it. I do like having the drawers in the middle and the two side storage shelves. The top is solid oak but the rest of it is mostly veneered wood. I've really been liking the wood top and the painted white bottom lately. Like this buffet at Frosted Gardner or this table at Feathering My Nest. So I'm wondering if this will look good on this buffet. Please be honest and tell me what you think. I think that I would even paint the sides around the mirror. So here are the pics of the piece in question.

As you can see it has a bit of damage in places. The veneer is missing in a few non-crucial places on the inside. Well tell me what you think. I am trying to put together a tutorial this week. My first ever. So be sure to check back later this week.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Trips

I decided on the spur of the moment to go see the kids this past weekend. I had a fabulous weekend visiting them up north. The weather was fantastic. We spent a great day together at Ikea and Home Goods. Also worked on their bedrooms in their apartments and cooked dinner together. So fun having adult children. But they've always been fun. I got two new prints for the guest house at Home Goods. They're perfect for this room. I've decided to just collect slowly and let it evolve. Usually I'm really impatient but it helps that I don't go out there every day. LOL.
Helped my daughter rearrange her room, hang new curtains and try to decide on a decor theme with her for her room. I think she's going to be very eclectic. Not cottage like me. Tried to get just a few shots of her room. She still has a ways to go. They're both enjoying being out on their own and starting their lives. Exciting times for them. She did find a really cool print at Home Goods that she really liked.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Thank You

This is a huge shout out to those who have served past and present for this great country. For those who knew that freedom always comes at a price. Those that pledged all, even the most costly price of all, their life. I am a veteran. This day has huge meaning for me for several reasons. I think everyone should have to serve at least 2 years for this country in some capacity whether it's in the military or helping inner city kids or in rural areas, whatever. You'll never truly understand freedom or the cost of it until it involves your own life. I thought I would share some pictures of my military life.
These are the barracks that I lived in for 2 1/2 years. State of the art don't you think?
 The supply room where I worked and my supply sergeant and my comrade in arms, Eric Hatfield. I hope you're all having a wonderful day today no matter where you are. I still think of all of you often.
 My bestfriend and cohort in basic training - Tammy Bator
 Yep one of those girls is me. Can you figure out which one?
 My granny and I on my first trip home after basic and AIT. She was so happy to see me. I love you Granny and miss you terribly still.
 My uncles - two of whom served this country. Obviously my Uncle Terry in uniform and my Uncle Jimmy on the right. Love you both and miss you too. 
Of course my favorite military man the one I married. You see I had to go all the way to Virginia to meet a California military man. He wore his Class B uniform for our wedding. Love you honey just as much as I did on this day if not more.
I am so glad that there are those who put country first and self second to secure for us the freedoms we enjoy to this day. Freedom is never free. Happy Veteran's Day.
Today is also my mother's birthday. She would have been 59 today. I love you Momma. Miss you still. I know you're not in pain anymore.
P.S. I'm the girl on the far left in that picture.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evolution of a House Part One

I thought I would do a series of posts on the evolution of our house. We bought our house 10 years ago. She was a bank repossession in need of some major love. She had great bones and fabulous potential. She had her original bathroom and kitchen when we bought her, complete with original tile. As the pictures will confirm that. Mostly we painted and watered and moved in. For 5 years we lived with a lot of things. My hubby is not a DIYer which is okay because I still love him, faults and all. We can't all be perfect. As he once told me "I'd rather work the overtime and hire someone else to do the job." Deal! So we saved. I'm sharing the bathroom first because that's the first room we had redone. This is our main bathroom. We combined the shower and tub, turned the old shower  into a storage closet, added new tile and painted. I like to look at old photos to remind myself how far we've come since we bought this place. Especially if I ever feel discouraged about all the work that still needs to be done.
 Floor Plan of our House
 Oh my, were we really showering above all that rot? We didn't fall through?? Amazing.
Ralph Lauren paint - some kind of blue. I wasn't blogging in 2005 and didn't even know about it. So I didn't keep paint colors or anything. The white is Valspar Swiss coffee. I only know that because it's a white I still like to use. 
 Son taking picture for his mom.
There are some new changes coming to this room. So I promise to post new pictures. Hope you enjoy this post. I have several more that I want to do about the changes over the last 10 years.