Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yard Work

While I was off having fabulous fun at Road to California, Seth was finishing up a project he had started last summer. A much needed project. You can see the beginning of this project here. So I am thrilled to have another project done. Maybe this summer we will have grapes again. Thanks Seth for all your hard work. You did a great job. Now let's hope the grape cooperates and can be retrained. 

Now the fun begins. Finally I'll get my flower beds back. We also still have to level the yard. This is the mess we were left with after the contractor got done building the guest house. Not pretty.
Edited to add:
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D&A said...

Hi Amanda!
The grape arbor turned out great! The blue sky above it looks beautiful.
Also, those quilts pictured on your blog are amazing. It's always neat to see others' artistry, whether it's wood work, quilting, gardening, all those things that are inspiring to see!
Have a happy Wednesday(ya, you have to...:O>),

Rue said...

Hi Amanda :)

Oh how I want something like this! The yard will have to wait though since it's a might cold in these parts ;)

It was so nice to hear from you again!

hugs back :)


過年嚕 said...
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Manuela@TPOH said...

The arbor looks so pretty! I'm thinking about adding some more grapes to my garden but I don't think we can build an arbor this year.