Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Review

I really like how a lot of blogs have different days that everyone can linky and visit around seeing what each is doing. My thing right now is being free to do that. December 18th we pulled Tina out of the charter school we have been attending for the last 10 years. It was a hard decision to make. We've been there since their doors opened. But it just hasn't been the same ever since our Shirley left. So Tina and I are flying solo for the next 5 months until she graduates. I've done it before but it does take commitment and determination to stay on track. So it'll be hard to join such fun festivities. With that said I thought I would just do my own days with different things going on.
So for this week's Wednesday review I thought I would share Moda's web site which is such a delight especially if you're a quilter. The free patterns are just awesome and you can't beat free. So check out Moda's site and even if you're not a quilter you might be inspired to become one.
Enjoy your day!!!

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