Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grape Arbor

Seth has been working hard on the grape arbor, so I thought I should do a post on how that is coming along. You can see the poor grape on the ground. The old supports just rotted away and it has been on the ground for at least 2 summers now. Doesn't seem to have done it any harm but it would be nicer if it was picked up and out of the way. Seth got the inspiration after his Nana had one built at her house. Hopefully next summer this will also provide shade for the guest house as this end faces west. Seth has only to put the north/south crossbeams up and then the slats. We'll prune back the grape this winter and begin the training process. Hopefully that won't cause it any stress. I love the fruit this grape produces. It's usually very prolific.

Summer for me is coming to a close. This is my last full week of vacation. I have told myself that I have to at least finish painting the bottom cabinet doors in the kitchen. I have 3 left and hope to have those done by Wednesday. It's so easy to get discouraged when the weather is so hot and it's hard to do anything. I see the lovely pictures of everyone's houses and wish that I could just be finished. Well enough whining. I did get all 64 squares for my shabby chic shower curtain done. Yes!!!! 40 different fabrics. I only had to duplicate 24 of the fabrics. So I was pretty happy about that. Lots of beautiful fabric leftover. Next week I hope to lay them out on the dining room floor to figure out where to place them. Then I'll need to sew them together and put on a border. I'm thinking I'll just back it with a white sheet. Hope to post pictures of that soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Allison said...

Your grape arbor is going to look lovely when its done! Seth is very handy. Lucky mom! Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I always enjoy your comments! I love meeting someone half way across the world, on another continent and finding out just how similar out lives are. Good luck with your painting, i hope you get it done but i know what its like to try and cram so much into your last few days!


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your grape arbor will looks so nice once that grape is trained on it! I have to move a grape too but I'm waiting until the fall to do so. Your shower curtain sounds so pretty, can't wait to see it!