Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kitchen Closure

Allison and Manuela, could you please give me your mailing address information? You can contact me through my e-mail listed on my profile page. Thank you! Oh yeah, you're the winners. Anna, I know where you live so I'll see you soon to give you yours. {{HUGS}}.
So I go to work Tuesday with my kitchen looking like this

For the past three years this pantry unit has just bugged me. My cabinet maker that I hired to do the cabinets would not listen to me and told me that I would really like this better. Well excuse me, but I think I know what I want. I've hated this cabinet forever or so it seems. Not only was it not what I wanted, but it's falling apart already. This was not a cheap unit, trust me. The drawers were pushing against the sides due to their weight therefore they wouldn't roll open without falling off the runners so had that fixed. Then the doors except for one have busted. So long story short (sorry about the rant) I came home to a very busy girl Tuesday evening and to this (no my kitchen does not normally look like this.)

I'm very pleased with Tina's progress. Don't know where she got the energy ( I personally think that children suck it out of us at night while we're sleeping, LOL) or the drive but I'm glad she did. Wednesday her dad and her put in the base unit which was acting as the island and the old upper cabinet. We had originally put them here in the very beginning but decided we needed a pantry (that wasn't built to my specifications) and so back we go to what we started with. Now all I have to do is put it all away because she thinks her job is done now. Oh well. Now what will I use for an island? Hmm maybe I'll get the carpenter (Seth) to do something for me.


Manuela@TPOH said...

Thank you! I'll send you my address.

That looks really nice! I like the green bottom with the white top.

Too bad your custom built pantry didn't work out. Something similar happened to my neighbor. She had her garage converted into a dining room/family room and wanted her chandelier in a certain place. The builder talked her out of it and hung it where he though it would go. Of course, it's totally off center of where she put her table!


Manuela@TPOH said...

Amanda, I don't see your email on your profile page?


D&A said...

Hi Amanda!

Sorry to see that the supposed craftsman's work did not hold up at all. What a bummer doesn't cover it, but here it is! Tina gets first prize for her hard work! :O)

Hugs from,