Monday, March 30, 2009

Main Bathroom Update

Many of you might remember way back to the beginning of my blogging posts when I talked about our main bath redo. I thought I would post a somewhat updated picture of the bath. These were taken around Christmas time. We redid the main bath about 3 years ago. Here you go.
Personally this is my favorite shot. I've definitely gone very shabby chic in this bathroom much to the dismay of the two teenagers whose bathroom this is.
Here's a shot with more light.
Just another angle. Yep, that's Seth in the bathtub snapping photos for mom. At least he's a good sport about it.
Another shot with different lighting effects. It's much improved since 3 years ago though there are still things to finish if you must ask. Like the shabby chic shower curtain that I've collected fabric for for 3 years now. I could probably make 6 curtains with all the fabric I have. I also need to refinish the original vanity. I'd like to put molding around the mirror like Rhoda did in her bathroom or find a really cool mirror for in here. I go back and forth. The kids like the big mirror. I'd also like to find a cabinet for over the toilet for all the little stuff that bathrooms hold and there's never enough room for.
Hope you enjoyed the update. So what's in your bathroom?
All for now,


solomi558 said...

Hello I,m cottonreel,I had a bathroom makeover 3 yrs ago . I had a knee replacement,for 2 yrs previous to that I could hardly walk. many well meaning friends said have the bath taken out and have just a shower. I did! bad decision.I miss the bath so much. My bathroomis too small for a seperate bath and shower. I would just loveto sit in a soapy bath full of bubbles. your bathroom makeover is lovely.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That's a pretty blue on the walls! It does look shabby chicish with the pink and the flowers.

You wouldn't loose any of the size of the mirror - it's just molding on the outside edge and it's so easy to do.


Becca said...

Oh Amanda your home is full of light and white - so lovely! Excellent delivery of Shabby chic. Your pup and kitties are cute characters :0). You may have inspired me to do something about my undecorated bathroom - If my bathroom saw your blog it would report me to the bps (bathroom protective services) for neglect. Needless to say I always close the doors when I go on your blog. I enjoyed looking at your frame 5 minute makeover - Wow, that turned out cute with the pennies and butterfly! It was fun to pop by and see your cozy cottage. Hearts, Becca

Anonymous said...

oooh I love your shabby chic bathroom. We just moved into a small cottage and I mean... small...1000 sq feet. I will be eventually redoing every room in the house from roof to floors. It was our chance to buy a home and we took it. We'll start small and move up but it will be very cottage chic... lots of whites and roses all over. I've been collecting "stuff" that I knew one day would go into our home and I'm glad I did. Now I have a home for my stuff.