Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Guilty conscience

Well I got to feeling guilty about not posting any pics. So I thought I would do a few more of the bathroom story.

Here's the bathtub after the tile has been ripped off. That was a messy job.

Here's what the shower looked like after the tile was ripped out. Yes, that is rot. The contractor who did the job said that it looked like it had been set on fire. He had to cut out quite a bit of wood and replace it.

Here's the sink vanity. I removed two of the drawers prior to the remodel because we didn't have a decent place for storing towels. Old houses are great, except for storage. I use a wicker lined basket that looks really cute. Yep, it's still there. Seth and I hope to refinish the sink vanity this summer.

More lovely pictures of the shower. That hole was actually there. The contractor didn't put it there. He asked if we had known about it when we bought the house. I said no. Our inspector didn't even mention it nor did all the plumbers who had crawled under there since we had purchased the place.

Bottom of the shower after the old plumbing has been removed. The new walls are up and looking great. We turned the shower into a much needed storage closet.
The whole process took about 3 weeks, even with grandma in the hospital, Neil and the kiddos in Utah. Grandma was supposed to stay home and let the contractors in while we went to get Seth who was visiting friends in Utah. I wound up staying home and visiting Grandma (my mom) in the hospital.

Drat, that is my finger. I thought I cropped that out.

Well this appeases my guilty conscience about never posting pictures of our house and getting to look at everyone else's lovely houses. Gotta run. It's off to the Land of Nod.

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