Monday, March 9, 2009

A Long Lost Post

I haven't blogged a post in so long. I've wanted to but it seems when I get on the computer to blog and catch up with everyone I just don't know what to blog about. There's been nothing exciting going on. That's not to say that there has to be something exciting before I'll blog. You can tell by previous boring posts that's not the case. Maybe it's just a case of writers block, but probably more like the blahs. It's usually pretty gray around here during February and I tend to do nothing without sunshine. We should be having nicer weather coming up as was evidenced this past weekend. 2 beautiful days of sunshine. My solar batteries got recharged a little bit. Unfortunately just enough for me to make lists of what I need to be doing once the sun comes out for good. Ha ha!!! So we're alive and well. Kids are doing good. Seth has gotten a job at Taco Bell. It's only on the weekends so he can stay caught up with school work. Tina would like to find a job but hasn't so far. Maybe this summer. Take care everyone. I'll try to post a recipe or something with pictures in a few days.

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