Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Closet Project

I thought I would catch up with my computer work as I'm down with my back. I had so much planned for this week of spring break. Like finally finishing the kitchen. Thanks a lot sciatica nerve.
As most of you know, we are a homeschooling family. This is our 11th year homeschooling and we're nearing the finishing stretch. The charter school we homeschool through has a senior seminar requirement. It involves picking a topic, writing a research paper (10-15 pages), doing a project, a presentation and a portfolio. Seth chose do his topic on "green" remodeling. He's always been into recycling and a paper he had to write last year sparked his interest in the construction end of it. Most of you also know that we live in an older home. She's celebrating her 69th year this year. Like most older homes she's got her quirks and weak areas. Just like other older homes from the same era she has a linen closet or rather she had one as of Friday morning. Seth chose (with mom's persuasion) to pull out our aging linen closet and replace it with eco-friendly stuff. He had hoped to reuse the wood for the project but most of it proved too thin. We also decided that adjustable shelving would be a better option anyway. He'll reuse the wood in other projects, like some bird houses for the backyard or something. So here's the digital record keeping of the project. Enjoy. The hallway seems much bigger now without the closet. I'm sure once the new door is in and everything it won't feel that way again.
Here it is right before demo.
Seth getting ready to work. I got the hard job of filming. Once we get his video clips edited I'll try to post them on the site. He sounds like a DIY show.
Ms. Kitty always has to inspect the new projects. I'm not sure she's approved it yet.
Now it's empty. Actually the shelves were in great condition but the drawers were just falling apart. I also wanted a place to stow the vacuum cleaner which we should be able to do with the new design.
All the molding stripped off.
The hallway ceiling was dropped when they added the master bed/bath and central ac/heat in the 60s. I guess they didn't want to redo the closet then so they just sealed off the top of the linen closet. We found an old baby food jar filled with old newspaper clippings from 1963. It even mentions Kennedy's death. That's how we figured out the date they probably sealed it off.
Off with the facing frame!!!
Out with the shelves.
It's really just a box.
Off come the sides.
With a little persuasion of course.
3 hours later no more linen closet. Now the rest of the work begins.
Thanks for stopping by. We always like having visitors drop in. Come back soon.


Anonymous said...

I homeschooled my son who is now 21 for about 3.5 years total. I found when the school couldn't oblige the changes his autism brought about, it was better to remove him until he could rejoin his peers. It was difficult but worth it. It gave him time to decompress.

The closet... make sure to post up finished pictures too! Awesome project idea.

Susie Q said...

11 years - congratulations! And great project.

Our charter school requires junior and senior theses also...oral and written. It is amazing stuff and great topics.

Tell him good luck and nice job.