Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fluffing Party

Rhoda is having a Spring Fluffing Party. There's lots of gals joining in so go over to Rhoda's and join the party. I'm a little late getting my photos posted. Sorry!!! I have a big catering event this weekend and I was over very early this morning checking out the hall where it is going to take place. So here are my photos. I don't have a lot of spring stuff yet. I've been slowly collecting since last spring. So there aren't very many photos. Enjoy!
The black lamp is one that I want to paint either over break or during the summer break. The little bunny I got last spring. In fact I got everything last spring. I haven't ventured out to buy anything springish yet this year.
Another shot of the buffet in the front room. Those of you who are new we turned our living room into our dining room and our dining room off the kitchen into a sitting room.
I couldn't resist adding a little California with the seashells. It's almost camping time over at the beach. Can't wait!!! Seth made the birdhouse ages ago, but I can't decide what color I want to paint it. I have lots of green and lots of whites but I go back and forth. So what do you all think?
Here's a shot of the whole wall. I'm not sure I like the shelf arrangements yet. I'm still tweaking it.
This sweet thing I got last year on clearance. She might get to stay out all year even if she was meant for Easter.
This sweet azalea hubby got me for Valentine's day. I'll plant it here pretty quick. We just passed our last frost date, so it'll be getting a new home soon.
This little guy was a thrift store find. He stays out all year too.
Here's the arrangement on the table.
Another shot with the candle lit. You can just see Ms. Kitty napping in the background. She's not one bit concerned about a spring fluffing party.
This sits atop the armoire that Seth just redid.
Cocoa wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Why was mama rushing all around taking photos when she could have been petting me? She doesn't like a lot of fuss. She's very skittish.
Hope you enjoyed the party. I'm rushing off to the store to get items for the catering event. Hopefully I'll find some spring gems too. Have a great spring everyone. Thanks Rhoda for hosting this fun event. I can't wait till this evening when I can sit down and read everyone Else's spring fluffery blog. Have a great day. I'll be posting a scrumptious dessert on Friday so check back.
XOXO, Amanda


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Everything looks just lovely and springy! I guess I'd paint the birdhouse white then, if you don't like it, it would be easy to paint another color as the white would be like a primer. How about something fun and do green and white stripes or something like that?


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Amanda, thanks for joining the party! I remember you are a bunny girl too & everything looks so pretty at your house. Amazing how happy these spring things can make us!

Kim Chalfant said...

Spring has definitely sprung at your house. I just adore bunnies!!!

foxxy said...

Very nice displays. Everything looks very pretty.

Bonita said...

Very beautiful and very springy!

Pixeltrash said...

so pretty! And look at your cute little kitty. Love her/him!

Happy Spring!

solomi558 said...

Hello I,m cottonreel,I really will try this cake tomorrow , just going to make a note of your blog so I know where to find it. You like quilting? have a peek at my site

Joy said...

I love those birdhouses and bowls too. Cocoa looks like a cat ...
he is a little dickens.

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Another keeper of the bunnies who keeps them out all year...

I too keep mine out all year long. They make me smile. Anything that makes me smile is worthy of keeping out all the time right? :)