Saturday, March 28, 2009

Furry Friends

The furry members of our family add so much to our lives. We laugh at them and love them. They all have such personality.
Rascal (our 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier) and Ms. Kitty (our 7 year old Munchkin). They normally do not share a chair, but Rascal wanted a slice of morning sunshine on this cold morning. Ms. Kitty wasn't budging.
Rascal loves to stay in bed on cold winter mornings.
Please don't take my picture. I haven't bathed yet this morning.
Caught cha!! Now we know what you're up to when we're not home.
Ms. Kitty enjoying the morning sunshine. She sleeps like this a lot in the hot summer. I guess it's cooler or something.
How dare you!!
We call this Ms. Kitty's ferret stance. She can hold this position for a while. It's so cute!! Shhh..... we're really not sure she's all cat. (JK)
Miss Cocoa (our 2 year old adopted stray). She is very skittish and I don't usually get a picture of her.
And the newest pet member Rosy the pink-toed tarantula. Seth loves bugs and reptiles. I can handle the bugs, but absolutely not the reptiles. Seth is always joking he's going to go get a reptile and I always ask where his new place is going to be so we can visit.
So how about your furry family members? What do they add to your life?
All for now,

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Anonymous said...

NOT a fan of spiders but love the other critters. We have two dogs two cats. They are so much fun and bring joy to our lives daily.