Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegas Again

I so meant to blog more last week. Where does all my time go? I think I need more hours in my day or less stuff to do or something.
I should explain why Vegas was such a disappointment. The boys worked really hard on their piece and I know that that alone is not why they should have won. I just feel that the competition wasn't even in their category. Not only that but then to have the student say the teacher did all the design work and a lot of the work on the project. This is supposed to be completely done by the student. The instructor also had the gaul to tell the boys what they had done wrong and that their piece was too fake. What???!!!! Why does everything have to be political? Why can't people be honest? The boys had a good time and actually took their loss better than the adults did. Which was good and I was proud of Seth for that. I going to share some of the pieces that were also there. There were many amazing pieces but I was shocked by the pieces that won. They weren't my style at all and maybe that's why I didn't like them and why I wondered how they won. They looked fake.
This clock was amazing.
So was this one and it was made by a girl. The title of the piece was Cogsworth.
This is the piece Seth competed against. You couldn't even sit in it without balancing yourself. Go figure. What's the point of a chair you can't even sit in?
Here's the boys piece.
Perhaps I am being really over critical. I think AWFS needs to rethink their categories. How fair is it to have pieces that are made from hand compete against wood shops that have state of the art equipment to include computer push the button it's done for you equipment? Our little school can't afford that. I should quit ranting and raving I know. In fact I'm getting so worked up all over again just thinking about that week. So that's why I was disappointed with Vegas.
Tomorrow, something a little more on the lite side. Have a great day.

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