Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Travels

One of the trips we took this summer was to see my aunts and grandma who live in Redding, CA. That's where I grew up. Neil and I had a really nice trip just the two of us. It's been several years since we took a trip without the kids. Both of them had to work so we hit the road alone. It was strangely odd and freeing at the same time. We've been a foursome for so many years and a threesome before that. Now those kids are grown and don't really need us in so many ways. I mean they will always need our love and attention but I'm not dressing, feeding, changing, entertaining them any longer. In fact the oldest I don't even buy his clothing or necessities anymore. He does all that. Well enough about that. Our trip was great and we got to see several places that brought back so many memories for me.
This is my mother's oldest sister who lives in a nursing home now. We had two great visits with her and she hated to see us go. It was great to visit with her. It was her home that we got married at 20 years ago.
This is Dude's. I worked here during high school. Was amazed that it's still there and the food is still good. I also got soft serve chocolate ice cream on a cone. Sighhhhh.........
This is the home where I grew up. It was three bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath. That tree was planted when we first moved in. In my memories this place is so much bigger yet when we traveled down the street it seemed so small to me. Maybe because I was kid here, who knows. I'm not sure who lives here now ( I was too chicken to go to the door) but they have kept the place up nicely. It was beige and dark brown when we lived there and mom had a huge hydrangea growing under the window on the left. It was nice to stroll down memory lane. Thanks for going with me.


Allison said...

Thanks for taking me along on your journey. I grew up in a small town on the coast. My in laws still live there and we go home every christmas. It is always such a blast from the past. I also remember my childhood home as being much bigger then it looks now. I go there every year but have also chickened out at going to the door. Maybe this year.... We go to the road house that we used to go to as teenagers, the beach that we used to build bonfires on, the bar that we used to sneak out to, the movies that i used to work at as a teenager, my gran's house (Or the land, it has since been torn down). It is a town that is full of memories at every corner... the book shop i went to as a kid, the library that i loved! the zoo and museum that we used to go to for school outings... Now we live in the big city and despite all the advantages, i still miss "home".

I am so glad you enjoyed the trip alone, what a wonderful chance to reconnect with hubby!


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Sounds like a fun trip down memory lane! About 15 years ago I visited my old home town and had the chance to go into the house I grew up in (it was for sale so my mom and I went with a realtor). It's amazing how small and cramped it felt to me, but it never felt that way when I was little!