Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Las Vegas

Well the trip to Vegas was a disappointment in so many ways. It was hot (115) and the competition, well that's another subject for another day. Like tomorrow!! I thought I would share some of Seth's amazing photography that he took while walking the strip. If you've never been to Las Vegas it's a city that is way over the top on everything. They borrowed from Texas that bigger is better and humongous is terrific. We stayed at Treasure Island and the beds were the nicest hotel beds I've ever slept on. Most hotel beds are hard and uncomfortable but not these. The trip was okay and Seth and I had fun. He enjoyed the pool at the hotel and I enjoyed the air conditioned room where I read and played games on the laptop. I should add that a lot of the hotels put on free shows at night in front of their buildings. Treasure Island puts on some kind of pirate show complete with ships on water and one that sinks. Mirage does a volcano show and another does a fountain show. It's all to entice you in and make you spend money at their casinos. A lot of people walk up and down the strip enjoying the shows, shopping, gambling, drinking, etc. We walk, enjoy the shows and virgin strawberry daiquiris which are great slushies in so many ways. So here finally is some of his photography:

Coca Cola and M&M world. Seth is a huge Coca Cola fan and wanted to see these 2 shops.

This is a picture of Baker, CA. A city along the way to Las Vegas. It gets pretty hot here and the city has a thermometer in the middle of town. That's the tall white thing with numbers.
Hope you enjoyed the Las Vegas strip with us. Tomorrow we'll talk about the competition.

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Susan @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Those pictures are amazing. Very beautiful. Vegas can be still fun if you are not into gambling but it is so easy to get caught up in it though.

What a heat wave you were in.