Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hog Wild at the Thrift Store

I just want to let you know that I don't normally go this hog wild at the thrift store. Normally I'll go and get one or two items, that's all. But the other day I went and lost control. Of course my good friend at this place is having a Vintage Open Aire Market in October and I'm going to have a booth. I don't normally do this kind of thing. Life is usually just way too busy for me. But the demands on my time this year have decreased considerably. I'm only homeschooling one class for Tina, that's English and our district is not allowing any over time at all. That's fine. So I'm only working my 3 1/2 afternoon hours this year. Lots of time to complete projects and do a few for the booth. A couple of my friends are going to have stuff also, so we'll be sharing a booth. Does anyone find that going certain days of the week to the thrift store yield better finds? I know that if I go on Tuesday to my favorite place then I'm certain to find more and better stuff. Well here it is; my thrift store loot:
Here's everything minus the skirt that Tina found.
Tina really likes blue and white, especially dishes. So this won't be going to the booth.

I loved the frame and can't wait to paint it white, but the picture has to go. Actually in this photo it looks pretty good, but it's not. Trust me.
I have plans for this little baby. Wait and see.
I hear Wal-Mart calling my name in the spray paint aisle.
These little lovelies are gifts for a friend who's birthday is coming up soon. She collects petal which is the name of these dishes. She's actually quite an authority in vintage dishware and whenever I find anything she's always helpful to identify it.
This cabinet needs a little help from the carpenter and then it will be all set. I was also hoping that he could duplicate it for me. ;-)
All in all I spent $35 dollars. I didn't think that was too bad. The most expensive piece was the cabinet at $13. I figure if it doesn't sell at the booth I like every piece and I'm sure I'll be able to find homes for them here. So I'm off to finish going through my cupboards, closets, garage, shed, etc to find those pieces that I just don't use and put them in the booth also. I'm also making pillows, runners, purses and a few other small things. All cottagie of course. I'll be sure to post pictures in October.
Everyone have a great weekend!


Joy said...

I love that little white cabinet. You found some nice things!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

You found some nice things. I like the picture frame too. That cabinet was quite a deal.
Have a great week and have fun at the booth.
Hugs ~Sue

Allison said...

Thanks so much for stopping into my blog. It was so good to hear from you as i can see that things are getting busy on your side. I love your thrifting. I think that you bought well and i am sure that all things will sell. I really like the cabinet. You need to see me with second hand books. They are starting to take over my home and yet let me land up in a thrift shop and i always come home with a box! Allison - the book addict....

I was in the US in 2005. I was not on the West coast at all although i would have loved to go. I was in New york, Washington, Baltimore and then Florida. I went for work and visited a number of prisons and justice programmes as that is the sector i work in. (I work with victims of crime and my training is social work). Hubby would love to go so perhaps we would do a visit again. Bribe your friend to come to Africa... it is an experience that will change your life.... South Africa is a good place to visit as it is politically safe and sound and we have very western services. I have travelled in Africa and some parts are a bit dodgy... You can see everything here and it really is a beautiful, beautiful country.

Your curtain sounds cool and how smart to think of putting a waterproof curtain behind it! Hope the kids are well.....

Hambe Kahle (Thats Zulu for "Go well")


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Great thrifty finds!! The cabinet is cute and I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling it! What a good idea to get a booth with some friends!