Monday, August 10, 2009

Wild Parrots and Sunflowers

We grow the sunflowers in our yard just so the wild green parrots can eat. I imagine that most of these are birds that have escaped from their owners. At least I hope so. I hate to think that people are just turning these birds loose. I was finally able to capture them with the camera. I happened to be up fairly early one morning and Trigger was still asleep. He usually goes bounding out the door before me and scares anything out there away. If I had half his energy every project I ever thought about doing would be done already. My quilting friend has said that we will lay out my shower curtain blocks this Wednesday. I'm so excited. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I was using the zoom lens so some are kind of blurry. I was afraid to get too close and scare them away before I got pictures.

Not blurry just a clothes line in the way.

I thought it funny that several mornings before these sunflowers were ready they would fly by to check them out. Have a great week everyone.


Allison said...

Oh wow! These birds are beautiful. I have missed the birds so much this winter and now that spring is on its way i cant wait for them to return!

Becca said...

Hello Amanda,

I enjoyed spending a little time at you cottage :0). I loved being serenaded by the beautiful tunes - I really like the Moon River... Reading your posts and gazing at your pictures always makes me feel refreshed. Your sunflower fed parrots, Seth's grape arbor, Sweet Trigger (my what big ears you have and such a soft tummy!) It was fun to pop by! Sounds like your busy - Stay cool, have fun and see you soon! Hearts, Becca