Monday, June 25, 2007

The Winning Project is ?????

Hey everyone, Seth here, keeping you up to speed on things going on around here.Just a few weeks ago my wood shop instructor called to tell me the curio cabinet, that me and two of my wood shop buddies had been building, had been selected for the National Woodworkers Association Competition. The competition is held in Las Vegas every two years in July and lasts about a week. We're all pretty excited about it, considering it's our first time in the competition and this is the biggest project we've ever built. Our project is a 7" foot tall 4"feet wide oak curio cabinet. It has four different wood joints all of which we have never used before and is made from $600 dollars worth of wood. Just wanted to share this with everyone. Have a great week.

This is me in front of our project.It may not look that great in photo because the two top cabinet doors were having glass put in to them. The little stool in my hand is the first project I ever made in wood shop.

This is the team. The kid on the left is Andrew Raymond, he just started wood shop this year and has picked the trade up quite well.The tall kid in the middle is Steven Garret, who has been in wood shop with me since it started 4 years ago.

This is Ms.Miser, our wood shop instructor. He's a great woodworker and teacher. This picture really shows his personality.

These two pictures are of our wood shop. It's not high tech but we manage.


Southern Heart said...

Your project is fabulous! I would love to have something like that in my home, and you should be so proud. You and your friends have done a wonderful job. Your teacher seems like a great guy, too! :) My son is taking forestry/woodworking at this school as an elective, and loves it, also.

Kudos to all of you!~

Remark-able Family said...

Thanks southern heart for the comment. I'd gladly sale it to you, But most of the projects are bought at the competition sarry:( Hope your son has as much fun with woodworking as I have.

yours trully Seth.