Thursday, June 7, 2007

Romeo and Winifred

The kids were asked to be in a play in January and could they addition for certain parts? Well long story short they both got parts in Romeo and Winifred. Tina actually got casted for two parts and Seth played the lead, Romeo. They were both excellent. Lots of practice later they were finally able to perform before an audience. Thought I would share a couple photos from that night. I should mention that the play was a parody of Romeo and Juliet. It was set in modern day New York with two feuding department store families. It had a lot of great one liners and plenty of humor for even the little guys in the audience.
Tina as Prologue. She's the one in the red overdress and blond hair.
One scene was set at a Disco. Yes, that's Seth in the white John Travolta suit. Watch out John Travolta!
This is Tina as Gucci, a visiting Italian. She looked really good, I guess even the guys in the play thought so too.
Romeo and Winifred getting secretly married by the Friar.
The entire cast. Considering it was a play for at least 35 people they did a great job. Kudos to all!

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Southern Heart said...

I am sure that was a wonderful program, and that everyone worked so hard! Everything looks so exciting! I'm so glad that you shared the photos with us.