Friday, June 8, 2007

Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday again, yippee!!! Hope everyone has had a great week and an even better weekend planned ahead.
This is what I would love to have. Photo courtesy of BHG.
I would love to have an outdoor kitchen. Where we live I could use this just about year round. Especially in the summer when it gets so hot.
This is the reality. For the past two years for some reason or another I haven't been able to work in the yard. 2 summers ago I had spent the whole school year sick. So I just didn't feel up to working on the yard. Last summer the big remodel was going on and there was no getting into the yard at all. So this summer I am determined to get out there and claim my flower beds again. Bermuda has taken over in several spots. That will be a challenge. Hopefully next summer things will look better.
Have a great weekend!!

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Southern Heart said...

Your inspiration photos are just beautiful! I think that your dream is completely do-able, too! My yard is going to be my project this fall (the best time to move plants here) and next spring/summer. It is hard to find time with how busy life gets, isn't it?

I hope that you have a good weekend!