Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cottage Give Away

Well it's been awhile again since we posted, but for some reason we were having a terrible time trying to log on.
First off I'd like to say how inspired I am by what everyone else out there in blogland is doing. You go girls!! I'd also like to announce our very first Morning Glory Cottage give away. I have an anniversary and a birthday coming up. My birthday is a convenience store and my anniversary is 3 days before that. Can you guess the dates? Anyone who leaves a comment will get their name put into the drawing. Sometime after my birthday I'll draw a name and announce the winner. I've got several things I've gathered together to give away. I'll post a picture hopefully tomorrow. Be sure to leave a way for us to contact you should you win.
I'll be very busy this evening priming my daughter's bedroom. She's away visiting with relatives, so I thought it would be a great time to do a "While you were out" episode. Of course they won't be filming here. It'll just be us taking pictures and posting them on the web. My two best buddies will be here Thursday and Friday to sew, paint and decorate. We hope to have the room mostly together by Friday evening. She returns home on Saturday. I'll post a few before pictures here so you'll know what we're dealing with. She'll never be accused of being neat. Gotta love her though!! So check back next week for the new, improved version.


Rhoda said...

Hi, Amanda, thanks for stopping by & leaving a nice note! I always appreciate hearing from folks who stop by & read.

Please put me in your drawing. I bet your birthday is 7-11, right?? LOL

Southern Hospitality

Anonymous said...

Please put me in your drawing. You have a nice blog. Becky dbbynum@pld.com

Linda Middlecamp said...

Hey Amanda,
Hope you headache is improving, but I see now you have general aches and a sore throat...ugh, just a few days back among the kiddos and already suffering from the germ-filled environment of those students!! I had an ongoing cold all fall, but think I've gotten rid of it over the holiday. Yay!! Best to all there,