Thursday, March 1, 2007

One last bathroom picture

Well here's another picture of the bathroom. The tile is in and now you will all laugh at this, I can't remember which of the 12 undeveloped rolls of film the rest of the bathroom pictures are on. So I just grabbed three of them the other day and headed to Costco. Wouldn't you know that 1 was of Thanksgiving last year, 1 was our trip to Utah in August and the other was the kitchen demolition. Somewhere there are more pictures of the bathroom. It even finally got painted last summer. A good college aged friend did it while the kids and I were gone to the coast camping. Came home to a blue bathroom that I wasn't so sure about at first. I really didn't think that I could like it, but I just love it now and it has grown on me. I just need to get the fabric I've been collecting for that bathroom out and get it cut up into 6" inch squares. I want to make the shower curtain look like patchwork. I've been collecting really cool fat quarters of floral and other shabby chic type fabrics. It should look good when done. That's the big one, when done. Well gotta run and get dinner.

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