Friday, March 23, 2007

Catching up is so nice to do

Perhaps it's time to add to the blog. We got our first comment from a visitor and the kids and I were just ecstatic about it. We like to visit other blogs and leave comments, so it was kind of cool to get one from someone else.

I've been so busy these past days. Work has been outrageous. I believe the students have gotten into spring fever religiously this year. We had twelve suspensions on Wednesday alone. The library was overflowing with bad kids, test takers and classes in need of returning/getting books. I came home with a massive headache.

BUT TODAY the pantry came!!!!! Yeah and I love it! Tomorrow I shall have to paint it, but I don't care. Last weekend I got all the drawers painted and they look so good! Seth and I even got the flower seeds planted last weekend. As soon as I figure out which film roll everything is on then I will post pictures.

Slowly but surely everything is falling into place. But I'm a pretty impatient gal. I keep telling myself to enjoy the journey, but I'd just like it done. I'm on a new kick to just concentrate energy and resources (read money here) on one room until it's done. Instead of the 1/2 dozen or so incomplete rooms already existing around here. I didn't think hubby's work hours could get worse but apparently they can. So he's no help around here. Thank goodness I've got great kids who can be bought to do just about anything. Just kidding, actually they're really good about helping.

Well gotta run. Hubby is home early at 6:30 and I need to get to Costco. We're down to just one vehicle right now. We got pummeled with supplemental property tax bill and can't get the other car fixed. Drat old cars, but new ones cost a lot and I like not having a car payment.

Everyone take care and have a great weekend!!! Yeah, it's the weekend!!!

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