Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes We Love Our Animals

This is Charley and Cocoa in my mom and dad's room. This is two of our three cats. They're enjoying a pleasant afternoon on my parent's bed. They're always together.

Cocoa is our newest member to the family. She's very skittish as she was found a stray. She doesn't like you sneaking up on her or touching her without her permission, but when she wants to be loved she's very demanding. She's very fluffy and has a tail like pampus grass. She walks and runs with it standing straight up so it looks pretty funny.
This is Miss Kitty. She's hiding in a quilt that my mom made. She thinks that mom made it for her. My mom had it in her lap while she was binding it and she crawled right in. She has a prissy attitude and has earned the nickname "miss priss". She thinks the house belongs to her and she's merely letting us stay here. Of course it probably helps that we feed her. Miss Kitty is a munchkin. She has short stubby front legs and longer back legs. Earning her my little nickname of "miss hotrod." She loves to do this ferret stance where she sits up on her back legs and looks out the window or french doors. Usually a sure sign that she wants out or in. She has a very distinct meow which can always be heard. She reminds us of a meer cat when she runs because her tail is always sticking up.

This is Grandma with Charley. He is our most cuddly cat. He hardly ever purrs or meows but loves attention constantly. He's recently gotten over an "affair" with a different family who lives behind us. Charley was also a stray, but is not skittish at all. He's our cool joe cat. His favorite pasttime is running up and down the hall at night with Cocoa and fishing in the fish tank. We even got a sign for the fish tank that says "no fishing", but I guess he doesn't read it.

This is Rascal. Our 9 year old Jack Russell terrier. He's very protective and thinks the whole street belongs to him. He barks at anything that moves on it, but if you come through the gate he's your best friend. Some guard dog. He's getting old and enjoys sleeping in everyone's bed.

This is a rare picture. Miss Kitty must have been asleep when Charley got in the chair with her. She doesn't like other animals sleeping with her, especially Charley. They weren't always enemies.
Just thought I'd show off the other "members" of the family. As soon as I get pictures I'll show you my tarantula, Harry:-)



Daisy Cottage said...

I loved meeting your sweet furbabies! Aren't they the most precious souls? Thank you for sharing them with us!

Southern Heart said...

Your animals are beautiful! Pets add so much to our lives---definitely part of the family!