Monday, March 5, 2007

Change in our name

We thought we would change the name of our blog to something that would reflect more of our interests and what we are blogging about. Also because we kept getting all these visits from media type websites. Well I guess Stockton Story is really about a murder/political thing that happened in Stockton, CA. We thought it best if we changed our name. Tina is very unhappy about our name change, but until we can find something that we all love we'll stick to this name. Besides, I really like morning glories. This picture was taken at the end of summer 2005. The morning glory looks great, but the rest of the yard was played out. Morning glories are so pretty and easy to grow. They will take over your yard if you let them. I guess that's why their other name is bind weed. Plant with caution. I always pull the little seedlings when I first see them poking through. They have heart shaped leaves and are really easy to spot.
We've been busy getting a few more things done around here this weekend. I got to go to a quilt show this past Saturday. It was pretty nice for a small quilt guild and show. Got a few fat quarters to add to my political quilt stash and a few more for the shower curtain. Sunday I was on Grandma watch while Neil and the kids went to church. I managed to finish putting away the snowman collection that I have. I like to decorate for winter instead of Christmas. We don't do a tree, but I love plain pine trees and snowmen that have no Christmas markings. I take down all my pink and white stuff and put up the snowmen around Thanksgiving. Actually the pink and white stuff comes down around October to make way for the fall stuff. When we lived in Virignia I had a lot of lovely Colonial Williamsburg pieces that I refused to part with when we moved to California. The colonial pieces did not go with the house we were living in at the time, so I thought I could enjoy them a few times a year by bringing them out in the fall. So that's what I do. Maybe I'll try to post a couple of old decorating photos when I find some. I am always glad to see my pretties (as my two best friends call them) when I unpack them sometime in February/March. So it was fun to put the pretties back up and I never can remember where they were before so we get new arrangements every year. Well it's time to start dinner. It's been fun catching up. The kiddos have said they will blog soon, as they said they would help with this to get credit. I seem to be the only one doing any.


Lori Kramer said...

Love the name change. I've got three Morning Glories in our family garden. I hear ya...they're my favorite too.

Lissa Johnson said...

I really enjoy your updates :) But how about a recent picture of Mandy and Neil. Great job on the house.

Remark-able Family said...

Well Lissa, we really haven't changed all that much. We'll see about doing pictures for our 18th anniversary though.

Marilyn said...

I just found your blog and love the name Morning Glory Cottage. It's nice to meet someone else that doesn't decorate for the Holidays but likes seasonal decorating. I especially love Autumn decorating.
You are doing a wonderful job on your remodelling.
You have a lovely family.

Remark-able Family said...

Thanks Marilyn for your lovely comments. The kids and I get a kick out of hearing from others.