Monday, March 26, 2007

Ladybug quilt

I've been looking around at the blog sites and realizing what talented women are out there. So I thought I would share a quilt that I made last winter. It was for a friend who was expecting her third child, first girl. The theme was ladybugs and she likes really bright colors. The hard part was having all my quilting stuff packed away in storage. We had just begun our major remodel. All my quilt patterns, etc were not accessible. So I just drew a ladybug and blew her up on the copier. Then did simple pinwheels. The recipient just loved it. Neither picture scanned too well so hopefully you can get an idea what it looked like. That's me behind the quilt and I'm standing in the living room. The palladium window looks out on our front yard.
Well I hope everyone had a better weekend than I had. I didn't even get my pantry painted. I came down sick on Saturday morning and proceeded to get worse all weekend. That's what I get for forgetting my water all last week and drinking out of the faucet in the library. I've hardly been sick this past school year and now I have to blow it this close to Spring break. I'd better get well before then. Went to the doctor today and she gave me a prescription. So hopefully I'll be on the mend this week. I've got way too much to do to be down sick. I want to get the cupboard doors painted over Spring break and some of the walls. Guess I'll also be adding the pantry to that list. Hope everyone has a great week.


Southern Heart said...

Hi...I found your blog through Rhoda's "Southern Hospitality", and wanted to say hello. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful...what a pretty pattern and gorgeous colors! You are very talented, and I loved seeing your creation. I hope to visit again soon!

Fondly, Andrea

Rhoda said...

Hi, Amanda...looks like you're just getting started with blogging. I'm only on my 2nd month & it's a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by to see me. Pretty quilt & it looks like your family stays very busy with projects. I always have a project going too. Please come back & visit often.

Southern Hospitality

Marilyn said...

Amanda, I love the ladybugs! The quilt turned out so nice. I think a gift like a quilt or afgan always means so much to people. I always love handmade gifts over store bought anyday!

Remark-able Family said...

Thanks so much for the comments!! We love having people surf by. It's like having company at the house. The quilt did turn out much better than I thought it would.

Petdrwife said...

Beautiful quilt! I was looking for a applique lady bug pattern when I came across your site. I am a avid quilter myself and love seeing what others have been inspired to create.