Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just another week in Paradise

Just another week in paradise. The kiddos and I got a lot done this past weekend. Seth, Tina, and I leveled the north side front yard flowerbed. Neil had removed the old, rotting camellias a weekend ago or so. I sure will miss their pretty blooms. During the remodel last year when the plumbers were tying the new sewer line into the old, they shattered the old for several feet. They replaced the old line at a greatly reduced cost up to the house. But the camellia was right were the old line was. I guess the combination of losing the tree that shaded it and the indignity of having it's roots poked at was more than it could bear. Camellias are pretty disease resistant, but I guess not this time. Neil just had to prune it way back and topple it over. Seth and I transplanted the hydrangeas there. They'll like it there better now that their shade is also gone. We had to cut down both 30 year old Chinese Elm trees that were in the front yard. One the county didn't like as it was supposedly hanging into the street and the other was doing massive damage to the old driveway and would have done damage to the new one also. Well more on last year's remodel later or once I get the pictures scanned.
Seth and I also transplanted the patio rose that had been in a pot for several years into a flower bed in the backyard. Also got the last of the cement forms that the contractor's people had left picked up and stacked. I'll have to call him this week and tell him to come pick them up. We should be getting quotes pretty quick for the little patio off of grandma's room and a some kind of cover to go over the school room door.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

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