Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just pluggin' along

Oh what a crazy day around here. Rushed the hubby to work and then rushed home, got the grandma up and rolling, all the kids schoolwork together and graded to turn in and ran out the door again to take them to biology and history class and grandma to the doctor. Had to rush home and get ready for work. Thank goodness for the father-in-law "Pop" to pick up the kids at noon and bring them home. You're probably wondering why the kids are at a class if they're home schooled. Well, they take a one day a week class and then we finish assignments at home. Biology is pretty straight forward and he spells it all out for us. The kids complete the assignments and we correct them. History is a bit more lax with just the time periods outlined for us and we can pretty much choose how we want to cover it. Can anyone say great World War II movies?

Yesterday was a great day around here. The weather even cooperated. Got a few things done as Neil had a rare day off. He dug up the old camellias on the north side yard. They were rotted and termite infested. I'll transplant my hydrangeas over there when we get the ground leveled, which had better be pretty soon. The old tree out front is gone and so is their shade. Anyone familiar with California summers will understand completely when it reaches triple digits. Also got the new lighting in the kitchen hung up. Yeah!! You might not think that's much of an accomplishment unless you knew my hubby. He's a great, sweet, hard working man but if it involves fixing something, most of the time count him out. Fortunately I keep a couple of good handy men on speed dial. We, much to my regret, did very little of the remodeling work ourselves. Of course if Neil was able to we'd probably still be breaking ground. He works 6 days a week, 60+ hours. Seeing as how he's fond of his sleep I don't think he'll give that up to do much remodeling work. He is very supportive though with whatever I want. Also got most of the shelves and pictures hung in the schoolroom and grandma's room.

Here it is. The light I choose for the kitchen. Hubby was a little skeptical and so was I. It's just really hard to find anything cottage style around here. There's plenty of Tuscany and modern and French country, but not cottage. So I hope this works and that we like it a lot. It seems a little big right now, but hope once the wall is down that will change. No the picture was not taken in my home.

It looks better already. Hopefully next weekend I'll dynamite the dust off the sewing machine and sew grandma's curtains up. Maybe even get some pillow cases sewn. I love to sew, but with home schooling the kids, taking care of grandma (which is my mom), working 17 hours a week, and doing household work there's not much time leftover for me either. I haven't used one of my 5 sewing machines in probably a year. I've got several quilts cut out and ready to go but not sewn. I guess I don't like giving up sleep either!

Tina's supposed to be doing home economics this semester also. She's doing great on the cooking and even experimenting on us with her own recipes. She hasn't killed us yet. Keep our fingers crossed.
Hope everyone in Blogland is having a great week. I don't always leave a comment on the blogs I like to visit, but I do enjoy what you have to say and love seeing what you have done with your homes and what's going on in your life.

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