Monday, February 12, 2007

Catching up

Okay, it's been awhile since we've posted. Life seems to get so crazy. I did try to post a couple of days ago. Even spent a precious 45 minutes on the darn thing. Hit some button and there went all the hard work. Ugh!!! I've been trying to read more in the help center in hopes that will clear up some of my confusion. Learned a few things, don't know if they'll help or not.

We've been slow getting things done around here. Did manage to get the two borrowed bookcases out to the schoolroom this weekend and the too little bookcase from the schoolroom to Seth's bedroom closet for much needed storage space for him. Fits perfectly. Now he'll just need to get organized. Also cleaned out a few more of the kitchen boxes stacked on the patio. It poured rain here on Saturday evening, so I was glad that I had finished doing that.

Finally got my mom out of the hospital and now we just need to get caught up on some schooling stuff. Sometimes that's easier said than done.

Was hoping to get more done this long weekend, but the hours and days just slip away.

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