Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where is everything?

I thought I would share some floor plans of our house so that you can get a feel of where everything is. I always wonder how other people's homes are laid out. Just nosy I guess. This is the main house. The master bedroom and bath were added sometime in the 60's as evidenced by the avocado green toilet and sinks. The midde bedroom is really small as it took about 3 feet out of it to make the hallway. Hubby was a drafter once and he did the floor plans and site layout for the county last year for our permit. The red ink is my doing though.

This is our garage/grandma's room/school room. We took a good hunk out of the existing garage for grandma's bedroom and bath. We had this good portion of yard behind the garage that was nothing but a dump site before we added the school room. We had intended originally to use the school room as grandma's room but she felt sorry for us and said she only needed a small room for herself. She has somethings in the school room though, like her computer and television.
Today was a little better. Didn't have to take hubby to work, so that means I walk to work. Thankfully it's about a 7 minute walk one way. I work as a librarian in a middle school. I like the job most days. The added benefit of walking is that I have lost almost 20 pounds since I started walking to work. So that's good.
I'll try to add pictures tomorrow of what the house looked like when we first bought it. Picture broken glass, no lawn or flowers, etc.
I also want to mention a few other blogs that I really enjoy visiting:
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I really enjoy seeing what these other families are up to in their homes. If you like cottage/vintage style you should really enjoy these sites.
Gotta run, it's Bible study tonight and the son, who is ever routine conscience, is pestering me to get going. See ya!

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