Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keeping promises

I promised myself that the next time I moved this little bookcase I would paint the back. I mean I've only had it for probably 10-13 years. I think I'm a major procrastinator. What do you think? Especially when it comes to painting furniture. But don't you just hate it when you've put off a project that long and it only takes 15 minutes at most. Then you wonder why you put it off for that long.
I've been moving things around in my master bedroom because a few pieces left the room when the daughter and son moved away. I now have more room in that area or at least I think I do. Of course the moving around drives the hubby crazy. His philosophy is that once it's placed, it's parked forever. We don't see eye to eye on that one. We've agreed to disagree as long as I get my way. :o) So, here's the project and a few of the changes in the master bedroom. Not that you would know the changes because I avoid sharing this room. It's not pretty, YET! Remember I'm moving things around. I used a sample can of sparkling lake by Valspar. I like it.

Have a great week.


Marilyn said...

Looks great to me. I am really good at procrastination, too! It's so easy, isn't it?! Thanks for sharing your bedroom, too.♥♫

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey girlie! :) I like you bookshelf AND your room! ;) I agree that husbands can talk as long as we get our way in the end. LOL (it really does work that way...we listen, then we do what we want anyway! right?!) hee hee hee
Have a great week!
OH, glad you like my cupcakes too!

Carol said...

I agree!
Your whites look beautiful against the lovely yellow walls! I like it!

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hi Amanda!
Sorry it's taken me so long to come visit. I've been so busy this week, and the amount of homework the kids have this year is killing me (because they need a lot of my help to get through it)! Thanks for visiting. :) My kids really enjoy all the Halloween decorations... If I didn't have them living with me, I probably wouldn't do Halloween either; but, I enjoy it while they're still here. :)

Anyway, I hope you're doing well. :) The little cabinet looks great! I'm a procrastinator, too, when it comes to painting furniture... so don't feel alone. :)
I hadn't realized you offered to help me sew... I thought you just were talking about where I could get the material from (duh!). Thanks so much for the offer, Amanda! That's so sweet of you! I'm waiting for some grain sacks that I ordered on Etsy. I wanted to make some pillows out of them... what do you think?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!