Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hutch Love'N

Or in my case hutches. Love me sum hutches. Both of mine are real special to me. One my son built and the other was built my husband's great-great uncle (I think). The poor thing sits abused and neglected on my patio. Hopefully awaiting a makeover some day. Only I'm not sure where I would put it. That's probably why I've never done anything with it. It's very awesome and huge and heavy.
So first one is the one that Seth made and it took him and his team to nationals in Las Vegas in 2007. Which you can read about here. I should mention that we won it in the raffle they held after the competition was over. I just felt so lucky that we won. I'll share a few photos that I have of it. First is decorated for fall, then just an everyday and the last is where it sat at the show.

The next is my old hutch. The hardware says patented February 7, 1871 on the back of it. So it's a really old piece of furniture. Before I acquired it, it sat in the basement at my husband's family's ranch house. So it's even been through a flood or two. Who knows what else. I'm not sure where it was before that. It's missing a few pieces, mostly molding. I still love it though. Fortunately this thing comes apart in two pieces or you'd never be able to move it. I've included a few photos of hardware. The pulls are just fabulous with their buckle and flower detail. The panes of glass at the top are original and have that old wavy glass look. As you can see it's very neglected. So what would you do with it, dear reader?

I'm hooking up with Treasures and Trinkets Thursday over at My Cottage Charm.
P.S. I do have all the original hardware tucked safely in the drawer. Some is salvageable and some is not.



My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Amanda! Your son is just so talented! :) I love the hutch and also the shelf he built for you in your last post...what a sweetie he is! :) Thanks for linking up too!
You're right, I was very blessed to find a cricut for such a wonderful price! I have very special friends, so are VERY nice to me! :) I've been having a ball with that crazy thing! I have found some great cartridges on Ebay and have been enjoying all the things you can do with them...such fun!
Better go get this day started..have a great one!

My Cottage Charm said...

Amanda...thanks for letting me know you added more photos..I LOVE your older hutch! Those bin pulls with the buckles on them are to die for! You just don't find details like that anymore! I can't tell if the wood is in good shape...if so, a good refinishing would be lovely...if not, I can see it painted a creamy white with a pale, sea glass aqua blue in the back..behind the glass. Oh it's just so lovely!

Have a great day!


Can you ask your son if he would like to come to my house (; I just saw a hutch today on someones blog and now I will have to figure out where and let you know cause it might give you some ideas for yours, hmmmmm now where did I see it, I think they mentioned it was from a Country Living shoot.


ok I'm back, I saw the hutch on, at least it might give you some inspiration, I don't know if you were wanting to paint it or leave it natural?

Olivia said...

Well, I am a furniture hoarder. I have two hoosier cabinets and several projects waiting in the garage....I love your beautiful pieces. I would paint it white of course!

middle child said...

Unfortunatly, I think it will have to be stripped. I adore the drawer pulls. I've never seen anything like those. I think you'll be hard put to come across more. If all else fails, try Restoration Hardware. But keep the originals just in case,...

cranberry cottage said...

Your son made that? Wow.

I love the old hutch. the hardware is the best.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is so nice to read and hear some feedback after working my butt off.

You are one lucky mom to have won back that hutch, others probably thought it was fixed. LOL

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hi there Amanda! I know I've said it before, but your son is a talented wood worker! Wow... that's so crazy that you won his piece in the raffle after the show... it was meant for you to have. :)
The antique heirloom hutch is amazing! As long as it's sturdy and in stable condition, I would just give it a good scrubbing and paint it white (of course), but only the outside... keep that gorgeous original paint on the inside of the cabinet... you LUCKY girl!!
Thanks for the heads up about the linen toweling fabric at Joann's... now if I just knew how to sew!! LOL
Have a great weekend!
Hugs ~ Jo

Rhianna said...

If the older cabinet was mine, I would separate the pieces and use the base as a bathroom vanity and the other piece I would hang on the wall as a cupboard for towels and bath salts etc. Lovely pieces!