Monday, October 25, 2010

New Piece for My Front Room

So I couldn't wait to share the first photos of my new piece. I've wanted something like this for this spot forever. The carpenter still needs to cut me some shelves. One is missing and one is broken. I got such a good deal on it though. It was worth it just for the bottom piece, mega storage.
You can just barely see the front door on the right and to the left of the hutch you can see the defunct floor heater. I'll have to have someone crawl under the house to drop that thing. It's massive. The house was built around it, so as far as I know there's no taking it out other than to let it fall down under the house and build the floor over it. I hate that thing.  It allows cold drafts in the winter not to mention that it's an eyesore.

Now, would you add one or two shelves to the side pieces? The front has glass doors also, but I really like it without them. So I'll fill in the holes and put a new coat of paint on it soon. It got scratched during it's recent moves. I love the mirrors. It adds so much light to this part of the room. It has lighting in it too. I just need to add bulbs and plug it in. Of course I'm not done decorating it not by a long shot. When the carpenter comes home at Thanksgiving he's got his work cut out for him.
Hope everyone had a terrific weekend and that you have a wonderful week.

Edited to add a few more pictures with lights. It has lights but I'm not sure I like how they did it as you can see them when you look at the piece. The carpenter says he can fix that. So nice to have a woodworking son. So here's a few pics of the new piece with the lights on. Sigh....

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Have a Great Weekend!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece! I love thr way you have it decorated.


My Cottage Charm said...

Love it! I also love that beautiful bowl you have in it! :) I'm not sure if I would put one or two shelves in your piece..hmmm...I guess it would depend on what you wanted to put in it. If it was taller items, then just one, but if you have lots of smaller stuff then maybe two. I know, I'm no help! lol
I am really enjoying this crockpot! I love it....haven't found one thing about it that I don't like...and the price was definitly can't beat free! :-o
Have a great week!

Linda said...

Hi Amanda~ that really is a gorgeous cabinet! Really a great focal point in the room! Hopped over from Treasures and Trinkets!

Natasha said...

Your decorations are perfect for that gorgeous piece. It all looks especially pretty at night I think.

Best wishes and happy weekend,

My Cottage Charm said...

OH, it's even prettier all lit up! :)
You know what's funny...I was going to put vinyl on my door! (only it would say welcome, or our house numbers....not "your gonna get monogrammed if you stand still long enough". I don't think that would fit) LOL :) FUNNY!
Have a great weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece, Amanda! I'm so glad you finally got it moved into your home... it looks beautiful there! I wish I had a son/carpenter to work on projects for me. All I have is a very busy husband who doesn't seem to get any honey-do's done for me right now... haha!
We had a lot of fun at the Halloween Fun Night at my daughter's school last night... next, trick-or-treating tomorrow night. :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs ~ Jo

Vintage Simple said...

You have some great finds..! I especially LOVE the old hutch that is missing some hardware... You know, the one with the gaps on the back (which I would leave just like that)..? Yes, that one. What a gorgeous piece...! Beautiful. I am so glad it has found a new home at your place.


Ann at the Handley Bungalow said...

You have decorated that hutch so nicely! It's adorable! I have a hutch that I keep wondering if I should paint. Yours is giving me the nerve to paint mine! I'm so happy to have found your blog!