Monday, October 18, 2010

Fab Weekends

I had a fantabulous weekend. Our daughter arrived on our door at 8:30 p.m. Friday night. Surprise visit. Always welcome of course. So I got to spend the day with her Saturday, out shopping. Got a new bed for the guest house and a new piece for the front room. Of course these were found at my favorite shop - Into the Forest. So love that place. Next weekend is their Open Air Market. So fun. Can't wait. I also got to go for the very first time to Home Goods. It is as fantastic as blogland has said. Our closest one is about an hour and 45 minutes away. 5 of us ladies loaded into my best friend Kelly's car and headed south. We had such a great day. We also learned that sometime next year they will be opening a store here in our city. We are so excited. Hubby went and got my piece for the front room today. He had the day off. So I hope to post pictures soon. I've got to clean out an area though. It's huge!!! Hope everyone's weekend was as great as mine. Photobucket

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Anonymous said...

That does sound like a fab weekend, Amanda! How nice of your daughter to come visit... she must miss you guys. :)
I'm looking forward to see that huge piece you got from Into the Forest... sounds wonderful.
I've never been to a Home Goods, but I saw a wonderful vintage-looking display case that they sell there... Melinda from Alabaster Rose Designs showed it on her blog. It was gorgeous!
Have a great day!
~ Jo :)