Friday, October 22, 2010

Just Because

Just because I haven't posted in awhile that is. Sheesh, between work and being sick I've gotten nothing done. I thought that I would have quite a few things accomplished with not homeschooling for the first time in 12 years and the kids out of the house. Not so. Where is my time going to? Too much computer time I'm thinking. Looking at all the pretty blogs and Facebook, reading... Hmm I guess I have had time to get things done, just not getting them done. Guess I'm just a major procrastinator period. Yikes, the truth hurts.
So I thought I would share pictures of the top of the bookcase/computer armoire area that will soon be departing my front room. I looked all over my blog and couldn't find any pictures. I guess I never shared. Probably because I never liked how these pieces looked together. I know I should have painted the bookcases and it would have flowed better, but I'm a seriously major procrastinator when it comes to painting furniture. Just as well. The bookcases will be getting a new home in the guest house. The computer armoire I'll be selling because I don't need it anymore now that the kids are gone. I'm also sharing a photo of the top of the new piece that is taking the place of the three departing pieces. Couldn't resist sharing. Seeing as how I'll need mega help moving all this I've gotta wait on the only help available these days, the hubby. He's not too enthusiastic about moving or changing anything. Sigh.....

As attested by the boxes and empty shelves in the pictures you can tell I have started moving some of the books, etc to their new homes. ;o) Hope your weekend is great. I'll be at the Open Air Market at Into the Forest. Having a blast, visiting friends, and shopping of course.

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