Friday, July 13, 2007

Inspiration Friday

I know that I've posted several times this week, but it's in anticipation of not being able to post next week, that way I'll be able to leave you with a few things to catch up on. I know you're not all crazy like me and look at blogs everyday, right? We leave Tuesday for Las Vegas. Yes, I know: Are we crazy? Vegas is too hot in summer time. But the son has national final competitions in woodworking there next week. Plus some fabulous woodworking classes he really wants to attend, like steam bending. I hope to enjoy looking at the other pieces that were entered for competition and some great quilt & scrapbooking stores. I don't gamble so Vegas isn't a big draw for me. I'd rather spend my hard earned money at RAD where I'm sure of a deal. I found some great things at RAD yesterday and also at Saint Vinnie's. I'll share pictures later. Y'all have a great weekend and with that said:

It's Inspiration Friday. One of the places I find really inspiring is my friend Shirley's shop. I just love to go there and hang out with her. Also I love shopping there. She's one talented lady. I keep trying to encourage her to get on the web. I thought I would share some pictures of her little gem of a shop with her permission of course. Remember photos are copyrighted and it's not right to use them if they're not yours. You wouldn't want your hard work copied would you and not get the credit?
Her shop sits on H street with a few other similar shops in old houses. There's a tea room and a little sandwich/bistro shop. It's a great place to spend a couple of hours with girlfriends. I always try to take out of town guests there. The town has moved away from this area, so the stores are struggling to get shoppers down there. I encouraged Shirley to create a baby room so that people could purchase unique baby gifts. The rooms (one boy, one girl) turned out great.

There's a little bit of everything here.
It's a little crowded, but that's what makes it fun. I hope you've enjoyed the tour. Have an inspiring weekend.

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the feathered nest said...

Wow, looks like a great shop! I could spend hours in there it's got so much to see.

Have a safe and fun time in Vegas!