Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cottage Give Away

Just a few little finds to give away to friends. I like the idea of giving something away for my birthday. Which is really soon. There's a crocheted doily and a fall bread cloth that I made. I'm ready for fall so that's why I'm including that. A little creamware platter, a little glass dish and a pretty saucer. Also a box of the most delicious candies. You can only get them here in our town because they're made by a little local company. Just leave a comment to enter your name.
Thought I would get around to putting in a picture of our cottage give away. We'll draw a name on Saturday. I'm still looking for a few goodies to add. I've got stuff stashed everywhere. I'm sure no one else does that, right?

It's really strange weather for us around here today. It's cloudy. No rain, but cloudy. Unless you live in Southern California this probably doesn't seem strange to you. We rarely get rain beyond March in the valley. Occasionally we'll get it in May or April, but usually our rain is done by March. At only 7 inches of rainfall a year, that's not much rain. In fact I convinced the kids to move to California 10 years ago (where does the time go?) by telling them that it didn't rain in the summertime in California. Having been born and raised so far in Virginia, that was a foreign concept to them at the time. In fact the first time we went back to visit the south after several years away the first really good rain/thunder storm they had during our visit, my kids were ready to return home now thank you very much. It's humid today for here. Nothing compared to you folks in the South, but humid for us. Swamp coolers don't work well in this kind of weather. So the house is very warm and sticky feeling. I just want to lay around and do nothing. I'm sure there is something to do though. Oh yeah, like getting stuff ready to go back to school. Oh wait a minute I have that great book to finish reading. Thank goodness I'm saved!

You all have a great day. Be sure to leave a comment to enter the give away and a way to contact you should you win. Good luck.

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Southern Heart said...

What lovely items...you are so thoughtful and generous---giveaways are so fun! Please do sign me up! :)