Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sewing Room Update

So I chugged along on the sewing room this weekend. Have decided that I will paint over my spring break. Which means I'll have to move furniture again. Oh well such is life. It's just been too damp and foggy this year to paint. Because the guest house is detached it runs on it's own heat so can get expensive to run it long enough to dry paint. But here's a few photos of what has gotten done.
The floor plan didn't work out quite as I had expected. Maybe eventually I'll make changes, but for now I just used furniture and things I had on hand. This book case by no means holds all my fabric. Just a small portion of it. I hope to get it down to just fabric on this bookcase and what I have on hand will fit just here. Here's to hoping. I still have 3 large rubbermaid tubs to unpack for this bookcase. Hmmmm.......
 This big thing was hanging in the kitchen as a spice cabinet. It is being reincarnated into holding all that small scrapbook/paper crafting stuff. I'll be hanging it on the wall over by my table.
 See it's really large. The carpenter made it a few years ago for me. He's a great son. This also meant changes in the kitchen. Hubby hates changes so he's been cranky, but I love change. Post on the kitchen later this week.
 Here's the creating corner. Small dresser that by no means holds all the supplies. Sigh. I must simplify.
 That cabinet will hang here. Hopefully also get a paint job over spring break. The mini blinds are going and simple curtains will take their place. That I can do right now.
 This sewing cabinet the carpenter bought me at my favorite thrift store sometime last year. I love the built in thread holder and all the drawers.
 Of course my machine does not fit this opening but I thought I would just use a solid piece of wood and be able to use the whole surface for scrapbooking or whatever.
 Thread holder. Love it!

 Fortunately the bed did fit into this corner. Makes for a nice reading spot for me also.

 This treadle sewing machine belonged to my husband's great grandmother. Yes the machine is still in there and it still works. My daughter is determined to make a quilt on it.
 Of course changes in the big room prompted changes in the bedroom. Moved the bed to accommodate the small desk from the large room. I figured since we really don't use this room much that having it against the wall wasn't a big deal.

 This is the sad story of the unfinished other side of the room. Still working on it. I might actually get to sew sometime this year. Sigh.... well must go get this side of the room worked on. Have a great week.



Marilyn said...

That room is looking great. My word for the year is simplify, but I'm finding I need time to do that and my excuse is that I'm too tired to do it after school. I'll need to get busy though as I don't want to spend my entire summer doing it. ♥♫

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Amanda! Your room is looking stuff is hard work, but at least there's a reward in the end. :) I have that EXACT same window hanging from chains on my patio..Love the little pieces that extend down past the window, don't you?! :)
I'm glad you liked my too was a lot of work, but is SO much more functional now! (and MUCH prettier!!lol)
Have a great day sweet friend


Lindy said...

What a sweet room. It's looking so pretty!

KATHY said...

your hard work is paying off. It's looking great.


My Cottage Charm said...

Hey could use a piece of metal on the front of your cabinet if you want to use my organizational idea. (not aluminum, cause magnets won't stick to it...don't ask me how I know! lol) :)duh! Glad you liked the idea!
bless me! hee hee hee....glad it made you laugh! (my kids used to say the same thing, but I had forgotten about it until you said that! lol)