Sunday, January 30, 2011


Okay, I'm going to admit to something deep, dark and secret. I HATE painting furniture. But I hate retail prices even more. So I broke out the mouse sander this past week and tried sanding on this...
 The mouse sander is in the picture because I almost forgot a before picture.

 Yes, it had that ladder looking molding up on the top. It was in 
shade shape, so I just ripped it off.
You know foggy weather is not conducive to sanding. Tends to get all clumped up and you get saw mud not saw dust. I know, I know quit complaining about the fog because soon enough it'll be 113 and I'll be complaining about that. So hopefully I'll get to sand more this week. It was almost done, the sanding it is. But it got dark. I only have to sand the inside now. My BFF suggested painting the inside a different color. What do you think? The outside is white because it's going in this room. The condition to this post is we can not tell the Carpenter I am sanding and painting a piece of real oak. It's not an heirloom but it's not particle board or even veneer. It's the real deal, oak. Shhhh our secret okay?
Yes I even worked on the craft room this weekend. Pictures within the next century I promise.
Oops!!! Almost forgot the most important part, how much I paid for it. $8.99. Can you believe that!!!
Have a great week!

P.S.  Changes being made on the blog. Please be patient. Trying for a cleaner, uncluttered look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda! Like the new look of your blog... pretty! What a great cabinet for a fab price! It should look great white. What color would you paint the inside... maybe a French grey?
My mom's doing great... thanks! About 2-3 weeks from their house being finished... can't wait!
The fog finally lifted this week, but is supposed to come back this weekend... bummer.
Have a great weekend!
Jo :)

Anonymous said...

The cabinet is a fantastic piece!What a great deal. Can't wait to see it finished.


Lindy said...

$8.99? Wow, you did good. I'll bet it's going to turn out wonderful. Can't wait for the "after" pictures...