Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Painting Here...Just Dreaming

Well damp, foggy days are not conducive to painting where I live so what's a girl to do? Dream I guess. I hate fog. It's the other season here; as in summer and fog. We get two seasons and fortunately the fog season is realtively short and the summer season is loooongggg. I did buy my paint and supplies so I'm all ready when better painting days appear.
On a positive note I've been given plenty of time to think about what I need in this room and what I would like. Lots of time to troll the internet searching for ideas; like this awesome crafting desk over at Knock-Off Wood. She's got a plan for just about everything I think.
and these awesome shelves for the wall of bookcases I have envisioned along that north wall.
Ana White's site is one of my favorites. I check it every day and save things on the to do list which is a great feature. I mercilessly send pictures to the out of town carpenter saying can we build this on your next trip home? At this point he'd either have to come home for several months or every weekend for the next year. Suppose I should learn how to use those power tools. I mean if that little bitty thing Ana can do it ( and I am by no means or stretch of the imagination little) I should be able to do it. So I wonder where he hid all those power tools???
Cheers! Have a great week.


Backwoods Cottage Pam said...

I know you will enjoy this space thoroughly once you turn it into your creative room. I am currently working on the crafting table to put into my studio along with another Ana-White creation for my dining room. My studio is 12 x 12 and just barely enough. I paint signs for my small side business but I love building. Just found your blog, I am enjoying finding all these neat places that are right up my alley.

Lindy said...

I'm just like you -- I plan more than I could ever, ever do but I love the planning part. It's fun just to dream...don't you think?